Album Reviews

Manchester Orchestra becomes legendary with new album

Manchester Orchestra successfully rebrands with their fifth studio album Andy Hull and the rest of M

Arcade Fire’s new sounds brings mixed reviews

“Everything Now” doesn’t live up to the hype Arcade Fire came out with their fift

Oh Wonder wants us to live an “Ultralife” with new album

Oh Wonder released “Ultralife” with motivational songwriting and positive vibes for lis

Fractures is ‘Still Here’ And Wants To Be Heard

[Album]: Still Here [Artist]: Fractures Overall Grade/Rating: 9.1/10 Production: 10/10 Lyrics: 9/10

The Generationals keep 80’s pop alive with “Mythical”

Generationals release “Mythical” and give 80’s pop an upgrade Indie band the Gene

HAIM Has ‘Something To Tell You’ On Sophomore Album

The sister trio returns with their first album since their debut, Days Are Gone, in 2013. Not many d

LANY sheds light on love and loss with debut album

Synth-pop band LANY creates waves in the music industry with the debut album “LANY.” Up

Ruth B creates a Safe Haven for vocal lovers

Ruth B takes the Singer/Songwriter genre to a new level with her debut album “Safe Haven.̶

After 50 Years, Sgt. Pepper’s Finally Fits All Of It’s Praise

Sgt. Pepper’s celebrated its 50th anniversary, on June 1, 2017, with a new Deluxe Version, rem

Elliot Moss Releases New EP ‘Boomerang’

Elliot Moss capitalizes on the momentum from his two popular music videos with the new EP Boomerang.

Punk Thrives In Big Joanie’s Crooked Room

[Album]: The Crooked Room [Artist]: Big Joanie Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 8

Let Joella Deville ‘POUR’ It All On You

[Album]: POUR [Artist]: Joella Deville Overall Grade/Rating: 7/10 Production: 6.5/10 Lyrics: 8/10 Me

Scienze Serves Up Every Lady’s Favorite “Kind Of Desert”

[Album]: Kind of Desert [Artist]: Scienze Overall Grade/Rating: 8.8/10 Production: 7/10 Lyrics: 8/1

Matthew Clive Tells Us Why He Can’t Be Normal In The Six

[Album]: Why Can’t You Be Normal [Artist]: Matthew Clive Overall Grade/Rating: 7.2/10 Producti

Truthcity Was in the Studio While You Were Sleeping

[Album]: While You Were Sleeping [Artist]: Truthcity Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: 7/10 Lyr

Don’t Sleep On Jidenna’s Eclectic Debut ‘The Chief’

[Album]: The Chief [Artist]: Jidenna Overall Grade/Rating: 7.8/10 Production: 8/10 Lyrics: 7/10 Melo

BeFlow Chases Greatness On Latest Mixtape

[Album]: Chasin’ Greatness [Artist]: Beflow Overall Grade/Rating: 8.7/10 Production: 9 Lyrics:

Aquilo Delivers Long-Awaited LP ‘Silhouettes’

[Album]: Silhouettes [Artist]: Aquilo Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: A Lyrics: A Melody: B+

SOHN Returns With Confidence On ‘Rennen’

[Album]: Rennen [Artist]: SOHN Overall Grade/Rating: B- or 7.5/10 Production: B Lyrics: A Melody: A

Colony House Hits New Heights On ‘Only The Lonely’

[Album]: Only The Lonely [Artist]: Colony House Overall Grade/Rating: A or 9/10 Production: A Lyrics

Sit With Something In The Shade & Catch the Luu Breeze

[EP]: Something In The Shade EP [Artist]: Luu Breeze Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: A Lyrics

Let REXX Show You How ‘To Communicate’ With Their New EP

[EP]: To Communicate [Artist]: REXX Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: A+ Lyrics: B Melody: A Ex

Don’t Sleep On The Skins’ New EP “Still Sleep”

[EP]: Still Sleep [Artist]: The Skins Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production: A- Lyrics: B+ Melody: A

J-Live Does Nothing But Tell The Truth On ‘At The Date Of This Writing (Vol.1)’

[Album]: At The Date Of This Writing (Vol.1) [Artist]: J-Live Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 Production:

’24K Magic’ for a Pyrite Year

Bruno Mars may have inadvertently saved us from depression in 2016 with his latest album. The Brunz

Childish Gambino’s ‘Awaken, My Love’ Is Vintage Soul And Psychedelic Funk

[Album]: Awaken, My Love [Artist]: Childish Gambino Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: A Lyrics:

Brilliant Bluegrass w/ Carolina Chocolate Drops: ‘Leaving Eden’ #ThrowBackThursday

[Album]: Leaving Eden [Artist]: Carolina Chocolate Drops Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: A+ L

A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service’ Is Super Fantastic

[Album]: We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service [Artist]: A Tribe Called Quest Overall

Aloe Blacc And Exile Reunite As Emanon with “Dystopia”

[Album]: Dystopia [Artist]: Emanon Overall Grade/Rating: A- Production: A Lyrics: A Melody: B+ Execu

Lady Gaga gets raw on new album, “Joanne”

[Album]: Joanne [Artist]: Lady Gaga Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10/A Production: A++ Lyrics: A++ Mel

Julien Baker and Caroline Says Shine on Tribute to Elliott Smith

An all-star indie lineup pays tribute to one of indie-folk’s most influential artists on Say Y

Run River North Reaches New Heights on “Drinking from a Salt Pond”

[Album]: Drinking from a Salt Pond [Artist]: Run River North Overall Grade/Rating: 8/10 or B+ Produ

Francis and the Lights Step Out Of The Shadows With “Farewell, Starlite!”

[Album]: Farewell, Starlite! [Artist]: Francis and the Lights Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production

Bad Suns Experiments on Sophomore Album “Disappear Here”

[Album]: Disappear Here [Artist]: Bad Suns Overall Grade/Rating: A or 9/10 Production: A Lyrics: B+

ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Blank Face LP’ Is Still One Of The Best Of 2016

[Album]: Blank Face LP [Artist]: ScHoolboy Q Overall Grade/Rating: 9/10 Production: A Lyrics: A- Mel

Handsome Ghost Creates New Pop Sound On “The Brilliant Glow”

If “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey is just a little too EDM for your taste, then Handsom

James Vincent McMorrow Steps Into The Spotlight with “We Move”

After spending two albums in the shadow of Bon Iver and James Blake, the R&B infused falsetto of

Love Jump Riddim! Six Tunes, Six Distinct Styles

Vibes have never gone lacking in reggae music, and Upsetta Music x Flow Productions’ latest a

Frank Ocean Returns With Modesty And Beauty With ‘Blonde’

Singer/songwriter Frank Ocean is back, delivering a stripped-down, experimental approach to pop, R&a

Mountains Like Wax Leads Promising Group Of New Nashville Artists: Tetralogy EP Review

During the course of Nashville’s indie radio station Lightning 100’s battle of the bands, Music

Open Your Ears & Join The ‘PARTYNEXTDOOR’ P3 Album Review

PARTYNEXTDOOR has been quietly creeping along way the music industry, and after all his quiet steppi

Jaylien: Summer’s Over

Newly kicking off his solo career in 2015 when FADER premiered his new music video for his debut sin

AraabMuzik’s Has Something For Everyone In His Dream World

Abraham Orellana better known as AraabMuzik, has been a constant in the music production community s

Levi Carter- Rapper Or Trapper

Listening to Levi Carter album- Antisocial, the only thing that came to mind was rappers Cheif Keef

Roy Wood$ Doesn’t Quite Wake Up at Dawn

With his debut album as OVO Sound’s youngest signee, Roy Wood$ was sure to feel the pressure on th

Alchemical Opposites: TOP 10 Artists We’re Waiting To See Collaborate…But Probably Won’t

Has anyone noticed how many of the older flames of music releasing new music like its candy? Whats

Thirsty Thursday: Tired of Drinking Lemonade? Try Some COOLAID

Our thirst for new music has grown tremendously and now it seems as though we can never get hydrated


You’ve heard of Young M.A, You’ve heard of Siya, You’ve even heard of Jimmi Montan

August Rigo: The Break-Up Songs

Newly releasing his EP entitled The Fall Out this Toronto, Canada native has worked with numerous ar

Desiigner’s New English, is the Same Formula (Album Review)

After spending an unprecedented 17 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Panda”, debuted at #96 a

Ro James and his EL DORADO Rides Short, But Sweet

The latest addition to the discography of Ro James, comes in his debut album, EL DORADO. Staying tru

James Blake Colors in… Everything

Coming off of 2 features from Beyonce’s Lemonade, James Blake returns with the follow-up to his Ov