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HerStory In The Making…Young M.A Delivers


You know her style 4 braids, gold grill, and a beater. 23-Year-old Rapper/Lyricist Young M.A, an independent artist from Brooklyn, NY is rising to fame. Some of you may already know her from her YouTube video “Brooklyn Chiraq (Freestyle)” which went viral just over a year ago and is now peeking over 3 million views. Young M.A recently released her second mixtape/EP ‘Sleep Walkin’ Nov.4,2015. With a dramatic increase in YouTube views, Instagram followers, and Facebook likes; Young M.A came through the door with an army of supporters. Nov.4,2015, she debuted her second mixtape, ‘Sleep Walkin’. Bringing in record numbers, currently over 89,000 listens and 18,500 downloads making the mixtape exclusive on Datpiff. With a total of 12 songs (6 freestyles, 6 originals tackling mainstream, and underground) on the mixtape, she also released an EP of ‘Sleep Walkin’ on iTunes with 6 singles: Get This Money, Regular, Hood Love (Feat. Mr. Mann), Through The Day, Karma Krys, HennynHoes. Shortly after the mixtape dropped, she celebrated her project by having a release party where she completely sells out Webster Hall in New York.

“Rules number 1, you gotta vamp, never sleep

Gotta move with a gun

Never ran, never weep

Niggas out here, tripping

Waiting to see you slipping

Pay attention b”

The first single “Regular” gives you that raw New York sound, with 138,184 views on YouTube. M.A flaunts her versatility with her second single “Karma Krys”. Mainly for the ladies, giving them a more personal feel. While listening to the song it reminded me of Jay Z’s ‘Song Cry’; a break-up song about her, and her girlfriend which had 15,000 views the day it dropped. Karma Krys has already peeked to 96,000 views. M.A has definitely made it a ‘hot’ December. Numbers doesn’t lie.

“Gotta do it for the kids too

Whatever kids see is what them kids do

And yeah them kids is just kids true

But whatever that kid did is because that

Kid knew”

Hood Love (Feat. Mr. Mann) has to be one of my favorites. It gives you that New York old school 90’s hip hop summer vibe. Being a Brooklyn native myself, listening to the song gave me flash backs of my younger years. Brooklyn summer nights playing double dutch, hot peas and butter, the guys playing basketball on the basketball court, the drug dealers slinging on the corner, and from a distance I can hear Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck. I would have to say she really brought the classic sound of the city back. And if you haven’t already, you need to listen to ‘Brooklyn Poppin’! I’ve gotten a Wu Tang Clan vibe from the beat. In some of her songs she talks about her brother who was killed when he was just 20 from gun violence. M.A was 17 at the time. ‘Through The Day’ is number 4 on the EP. She speaks about everyday life. For example: Cops killing our people, growing up in the ‘hood’ without a father, even though we’re in the hood keep striving, keep grinding there’s a way out, and how she felt when her brother died.

“And I ain’t even signed yet
And Flex said “where you been hiding at?”
Never hittin’
All this shit that I’m spittin’ been invented
Song been written
Shows been did it
The booth, been in it”

Already over 95K followers on Instagram, 6 Million Soundcloud streams, with several videos receiving well over 600,000 views. M.A is a quiet storm; In my opinion she would have to be the best female rapper in this generation. With this being her first EP, titled: ‘Sleep Walkin’ it has really lived up to its name.

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