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10 Celebrities Who Dissed Grammys 2016

10 Celebrities Who Dissed Grammy 2016 On The Internet
Many times this year we could cut the tension in the country with a knife. Apparently, the Grammys couldn’t avoid this highly emotional whirlwind either.
From complaints about racial injustices to artistic disregard,  read what these celebs had to say about the legendary music show.
  1. Chris Brown
On his Instagram Chris Brown wrote: ‘How boring y’all think the Grammys gone be this year?’
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  1. Snoop Dogg
In a video on posted on his personal account, the rapper said:
“I got seats to the Grammys but f*** dat, I’m sittin’ in my mothaf****** house watchin’ this sh*t…”


  1. Ice Cube
Ice Cube actually attended the event and left early stating, “If any of y’all thought I was goin’ stay through that whole three-hour bullsh*t – you out ya batty a** mind. I’m back in the car b****.
  1. Kanye West
While this is expected, it isn’t too bad considering his more spirited former rants. Kanye proclaimed that if didn’t get the award of his choice, [Album Of The Year]; he wouldn’t be attending the show. Considering that he wasn’t even nominated in that category, Kanye was M.I.A.

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  1. Perez Hilton
Perez is not here for the constant blame of white people ‘stealing’ black culture. And he let us know…
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  1. Piers Morgan
While Piers Morgan didn’t necessarily diss the Grammys per se – he definitely threw some questionable shade toward some unnamed artists and/or award shows. Citing that, he ‘noticed nobody felt the need to expose their cleavage to present the In Memoriam segment…’ Who do you think he was talking about?
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  1. Deadmau5
The Canadian House Music producer feels that the show doesn’t show the proper love and appreciation for EDM so he opted out.
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  1. Charlamagne Tha God
Taylor Swift won again (and for an album released in 2014)…what a surprise! Not really. The radio personality hinted that it was no competition and she knew she’d win with The Academy on her side beating out Kendrick Lamar for Album Of The Year who many felt was snubbed.
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  1. David Banner
Someone was really pissed off.
  1. Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.11.18 AMTommy Lee
If you don’t have anything nice to say…well you know the rest. Apparently, Tommy Lee didn’t have anything nice to say about the Grammys.
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What do guys think about the Grammys 2016?

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