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Kendrick Wins Big – Fans Take An L

Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated Grammy Awards performance blew audiences away. The now five-time Grammy Award winner had an interesting performance that opened with a tirade from The Blacker the Berry, and wrapped up with Alright.
Kendrick entered the stage as apart of a chain gang with saxophonist Terrace Martin trailing him. This part of the performance could have easily been flipped into a theatre performance of the show OZ, and Kendrick could have easily taken on the role of Augustus Hill with cornrows. The performance wrapped up with Kendrick traveling through some sort of dimension that landed him in the middle of an African ceremony. If you haven’t already seen the performance you can find it on You Tube, of course.
Aside from Kendrick’s very schizotypal performance, the main concern here is how the Grammy committee is baiting music fans. It was not too long ago when Kendrick supporters felt the Compton prince got snubbed at the 2014 award show. In the midst of major social unrest, is it a coincidence that an artist deemed socially conscious is one of the big winners this year? @raspy_rawls made a comment on Instagram that fuels Grammy committee conspiracies.
He stated “Hmph.. Interesting.. This bar was omitted from #KendrickLamar performance tonight at the #Grammys.. wonder why tho.” The line that’s being referenced here is from Alright. Kendrick stated “And we hate Popo, wanna kill us dead in the streets for sure…” One of the most riveting lines from the song was removed; do you believe that Kendrick’s win was a feat, or a ploy? If for some reason the performance isn’t on You Tube you can find it here:

King Kendrick Lamar Full Grammy PerformanceWatch King Kendrick Lamar Powerful Grammy Performance 2016, in case you missed it!

Posted by I Am The Industry on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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