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Sheen Marina, Not Your Typical Band Making Waves in 2016

Chick flick season is in full swing, and even though Valentine’s Day is on the back burner, Netflix & Chill season is just reaching its height. A good chick flick will take a viewer on an emotional rollercoaster; within milliseconds one’s mood can drastically change. Laughing and crying at the same time is a common physical reaction. At the climax of any good chick flick viewers may experience a runny nose, teary eyes, and, in some extreme cases, hysteria. Experienced audiences know the dangers and the potential strain on the limbic system. That’s why ice cream is a staple in any chick flick veteran’s freezer to aid in the replenishment process.
            Chick Flicks aren’t the only ways to stimulate the cingulate cortex. Sheen Marina is a new band out of Brooklyn, NY, and their unique sound is bound to have audiences caught in their feelings. Justin and Chuck are keepers of the Vox Guitar, Steven is the percussion expert, and Michael heads the Bass Guitar. Their debut EP, Coda Arms, is not what listeners may expect from an indie-rock band. The EP opens with a track titled: “Paint Drips,” and right away one may get the impression that Sheen Marina is not a rock band. The introduction to the track opens with a bossa nova groove, and then splays out into all different directions. There are moments that feel like a dining experience at Q’doba, and other moments during the song feel like Noah and Allie embracing in the rain. The feeling is a little sad, a little apprehensive, a little determined, and a little everything. The band states that this project “is three tracks of raw moody vibes,” and that’s exactly what listeners get.
            The short debut closes out with “Coda Arms” a song baring the same name as the EP’s title. The verses are connected to the hook by a nice riff that may take some listeners back to the guitar introduction of Rush’s 1980 single Freewill. The chord progressions can’t be easily predicted here, and with a catchy hook this is definitely a showcase piece. There isn’t much on the Internet yet about these guys. They have all of the essentials that any indie artist/band should have such as a Facebook page, Soundcloud, and a Bandcamp. There’s a video of the band on YouTube warming up before a gig playing an even more spazzed out version of “Paint Drips.” The video is odd in the sense that it’s not an actual video performance of the band. The cameraman has his focus on the patrons of the venue while the band is playing, but it’s a nice way to become more familiar with the band. Here’s a link to the video on Youtube:
            Stay on the look out for these guys throughout 2016 they’re going to be buzzing. It’s quite possible there will be an LP to follow up from Coda Arms this year, so to stay up to date with all of their latest ongoings by following them on:

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