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March 2016

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    Rant: Where’s The Music in MUSICians?!

    Is it just me, or the lyrics today have absolutely no meaning? It’s as if “the artist” just performs the songs that hired producers and composers make. The music isn’t made by the artists, nor were the lyrics written by the artist. As I was driving in the car today with my brother; Maxwell – Ascension: Don’t Ever Wonder (from his 96’ album: Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite) began to play. It was like a breath of fresh air, I instantly thought “REAL MUSIC! MUSIC WITH MEANING. MUSIC FROM THE SOUL!”
    Prior to listening to Maxwell, we listened to Young Thugs : Stunna. I barely understood the lyrics, and the lyrics I could clarify made absolutely NO SENSE. Not to compare the two, I do realize these are two different genres of music and times of music; but, I miss the days when every genre was “real music”. Not to say any current artists are lacking talent. I miss the music when lyrics made sense, when the artist sang from their heart and soul, when artist were “Sensitive about my sh*t,” as Erykah Badu would say. I feel as if “artists” realized, if they made a catchy hook to a nice beat they could make a great amount of money. What happened to real instruments and live bands, everything is auto-tuned and digitally mastered. What happened to the passion for the music? The industry makes music a business, not an art. Music is a form of expression. When I think of musicians I think of artist like: Madonna, Prince, Cher and the late Michael Jackson. I think of the songs they wrote and performed and the different meanings of each one. When I listen to artist such as these, I can honestly tell that every word they said came from deep within; they were real. Musicians were the ones that made the music and wanted people to enjoy. They were also the ones that wrote lyrics that had meaning or a message that impacted millions of people.
    I gave you all the love I got. I gave you more than I could give. I gave you love. I gave you all that I have inside. And you took my love. You took my love. – Sade
    It’s silly when girls sell their soul because it’s in. Look at what you be in, hair weaved like Europeans. Fake nails up out Koreans. – Lauryn Hill
    I’m in the club high off purp with some shades on. Tatted up, mini skirt with my J’s on. – Miley Cyrus
    Don’t let the fish eye fool you, bitch this a peephole. Play with my head, I’ll bust your watermelon. Pink, I’m moving slower than a caterpillar. – Young Thug
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