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Miami Hip-Hop Scene Feels The Jolt From Up And Coming Artist: K1ng Zoe

When someone mentions Miami in a hip-hop discussion, what artists/groups come to mind? Many with a knowledge of hip-hop history may bring up 2 Live Crew, while others may make mention of Trick Daddy, Trina, Pitbull, Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled. Some may proceed to analyze the booty bass movement, and how it has influenced other sub genres in hip-hop culture. Regardless of what aspects are discussed during a conversation about the evolution of the Miami hip-hop scene, one topic that should come up is the emergence of the new sound. The new sound is a presentation of all the different styles that have solidified Miami’s place in hip-hop. An example of such an artist contributing to the new sound is K1ng Zoe; he can summon a quick flow like Pitbull, occasionally channel Ross, motivate the masses like Khaled, but spare his listeners the trip to Freaknik with less emphasis on hyper-sexualized lyrics. Zoe’s new Mixtape, Free Bars Vol. 1, is 5 tracks of rawness, and sincerity. The cover work pays homage to the Miami lifestyle with a Grand Theft Auto theme including an illustrated version of Zoe leaned up against a sports car. The beat production is trap based, and gives listeners an on the grind feel (definitely something you’ll want to add to your workout playlist). recently got the chance to ask the owner of Black Sneaker Gang a few questions about his music, and what’s up and coming for 2016. You bring a different sound to the Miami scene. When the average listener thinks of Miami, names such as, Trick, Trina, Pitbull, and of course Rick Ross come to mind. What sets your music apart from the traditional hip-hop styles in that area?
 K1ng Zoe: Oh yeah, those are all of my influences. Trick Daddy was my hero growing up. I just want to be different, so it’s more than just drugs and violence; it’s a message in the music. I want to motivate people to want better, especially knowledge of self.
 IATI: Absolutely, consumers need more of that.
 Zoe: Yeah, I want to create my own lane, too many people now a days sound alike.
 IATI: Let’s talk about delivery, because that’s what plays a big role in an artist’s presentation. You have a presentation that grabs listener’s attention, and brings them into your world. Part of what makes your delivery unique is that there’s an accent that comes out at times, is that a Haitian accent?
 Zoe: Honestly I don’t know. Simply because I was born in the states, so my accent isn’t that thick. But my Haitian roots are something I try to portray through my music.
IATI: What can fans expect from you in the near future?
 Zoe: A tour in Haiti, and Free Bars 2 is on the way.
Stay connected and up to date with all of Zoe’s latest happenings. Follow him on Soundcloud,; Facebook,; and Instagram, @k1ng_zoebsg. Pick up Free Barz Vol. 1 on DatPiff,, and pick up his single “Gabby” on Itunes.

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