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Mmmmmmohmygod… Stop F***** Lyin’

When I got a little more well-known (meaning more people read my articles than my parents), I started getting hit up by all these local rappers and artists, wanting me to review their projects or write about their latest songs. I am more than happy to do that because, as you read last time, mainstream music is a snoozefest, as of late. I’ve encountered tons of really dope artists, most of whom I have even . But I’ve also encountered a bunch of LIES. Allow me to explain…
As far as the rappers go, I’ve always been a fan of artists who have a lot to say about social issues, life, religion…really anything pithy. I’m here for a little ratchetry every now and then, but most of the time, I want lyrics to make me think. Thus, it’s already a little off-putting to hear about money, cars, clothes, and heauxs when I’m trying to listen to an album I’m reviewing, but I get ESPECIALLY vexed when old dude who gave me the mixtape/SoundCloud link DEFINITELY drove away from our meeting in a heaux-less Corolla, wearing off-brand clothing and asking me for gas money. Umm sir, what do you know about anything you’re rapping about? Unless you make it clear that your rap is about your ambitions and not your real life, do not expect me to review you favorably, if at all.
And ladies, you are not exempt, either. Love songs are wonderful. Songs about strength and femininity are also great. I’m even here for a hypersexual or risqué song every now and then. BUT. Do not give me some disgusting song about how your kitty purrs if you’re a grade school teacher on the praise dance team at your church. Not only am I confused and incredulous, I am embarrassed for you. I will likely turn off your smut-tape and refuse to write your article for the simple fact that I don’t want to assist you in the ruin of your reputation/relationship with your family. Because that’s all that will come of that.
I’m not a hater, a slut-shamer, a fake friend, or any of that. I just want to be able to believe in what I endorse. Damn my integrity, I know. But I promise you artists out there that if you are more honest with your lyrics, you won’t even need me; your art will sell itself.
That’s all.

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Hope Carter
Hailing from "Screwston," Texas, Hope has been immersed in music since birth, first being exposed to Motown by her parents, then discovering her love for all genres as she trained as a dancer. Her unique set of life experiences growing up in Houston's Historic Third Ward as a lower middle class child, attending schools in more affluent neighborhoods, all the while attending an international church in which she was very involved, created her open-minded approach to music and art. Hope is very socially conscious, and prefers to take songs as a whole - both lyrically and sonically - before making her final judgment on their quality. As a dancer, she is inclined to be interested to anything she can move to, but her Dirty South roots give her room to appreciate a more laidback, chill (screwed) vibe. Her taste in music continues to change as she discovers new artists and as genres evolve.