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BREAKING: New York Running Out Of Room On Its Kufi List, Latest Candidate For The List, Desiigner

The discussion is far from over; it’s been rehashed over and over. What’s in store for the future of New York rap, does it have a future? New kid on the block Desiigner reignited the big debate on whether or not New York will regain its relevancy in music entertainment with his debut single, “Panda.” Throughout the song the New York rapper references his connects in Atlanta, and mimics a delivery similar to Southern rap juggernaut, Future.
The verdict is in; the style of the five boroughs is no match for trap beats, and the molly-in-lean swag of Atlanta. Last year, Drake publicly stated New York is no longer the Mecca for rap, and Trinidad James, a few years ago during a concert in New York, said Atlanta runs New York musically before he was run out of the city by Maino. What happened? When did things go south for New York?
Meanwhile, while gatekeepers of the culture seek to answer these questions and find a solution, “Panda” will continue to rack up views and downloads for the rest of 2016. Desiigner is already pushing his new single, “Pluto,” Which many are saying is another bite off of Future’s style. There’s not anymore room left on the kufi list to add any new offenders who write off New York as insignificant in rap this year.

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