Why Musicians Love To Play Casino Games



Gambling is, by far, one of the most entertaining pastimes a person could use to kill some time or make some extra bucks. Whether it is going to the horse tracks, or placing roulette or poker bets in a land or online casino, everybody loves to gamble. Even musicians, singers, and actors. As opposed to the average Joe, they might do it more for the thrills and less for the money. But they still enjoy doing it as often as they can, whenever their usually hectic schedules allow them to.

Why Is Gambling So Popular Among Musicians?

  • First of all, because it's available online. And musicians are known to care a lot about their privacy. So they will normally prefer to stay away from curious eyes. Sure you can still go to Vegas and come across your favorite performer sitting behind a poker tables, placing wagers. But most of them do not have the time to travel, or they do not want this kind of public exposure.

  • It's no fun to be followed by the paparazzi and have tons of pictures of you taken while going in and out of casinos. And if you also happen to have a small gambling problem, it is needless to say you will want as much privacy as possible.

  • Smartphones and tablets have become extensions of our arms, which means web casinos or casino apps are not at our fingertips – literally. Which is excellent news for anyone who enjoys to gamble, and musicians make no exception.

  • It has become extremely easy to gain access to high-quality casino-style games with excellent graphics and sounds. You can even access live dealer casinos on platforms like Euromoon Casino on a nonstop basis and enjoy the real feel of a casino game with actual dealers in real time.

  • Depending on your needs and desires, you can play a huge variety of game categories, test out new releases, play to improve skills, as a hobby, to make money, or for the thrills. Even non-paying casino-themed games have gained a great deal of popularity during recent years. Casinos online understand people's need to get better acquainted with a game before they go ahead and place real money wagers on them.

  • Musicians also enjoy to gamble because they can do it regulalrly and place huge stakes – simply because they can afford to do it.

Justin Bieber Likes Table Games

And he is not the only one. He counts among the youngest famous gamblers out there in the music industry. And he has been recently reportedly seen wagering £200 on a game of poker. The current size of his fortune is of around $80 million, so he definitely did not poke a hole in his budget. And he could even afford to visit a casino on his down-time from touring.

Rapper Drake is also no stranger to the gambling scene. He has been spotted at a famous Vegas casino together with J Lo. They played high stakes games, which is something natural for people in their industry.

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