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Who Turned Off The Music?

Okay. Who turned off the music? Don’t front, you’ve noticed that it’ been turned of too. It seems these days that when a musical artist is mentioned, it’s never about the music. More artists are being featured on E! instead of receiving notable mention for music that makes the top ten on music charts.
Does fault lie with the consumer or the industry for this madness? Although major record labels harness a lot of power, the consumer still has a voice and responsibility with regards to setting the standard in the music industry. It’s the consumer’s fault for not fully evaluating an artist’s body of work; it seems it’s easier to click on a hashtag, repost, and gossip about outlandish behavior.
Even when artists release great music it seems the on-goings in their private lives outshine the work they produce. Kanye West, for example, spoke very little about the actual production of Yeezus when he did PR for the album’s release. During interviews, Kanye spent a great deal of time making comments that sparked debates outside of music. Instead of memorable quotables from the album, all that resonates from that time in his career is the comment from his interview with Sway “you don’t have the answers, Sway!” Kanye is just one of many artists who has gravitated towards gimmicks to profit.
What happened to a time when music was everything, and the personal life of an artist came last to the music they produced? Jim Morrison would have been trending everyday on social media with the antics he pulled during his time, but that didn’t destroy the musical legacy the Doors left behind. They are still remembered primarily for the music, not the wild life of Morrison. So maybe it’s time to push through the attention deficit disorder of this generation, and focus on putting the music first.

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Will Eady
Born and raised in the birthplace of Funk, and arguably the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll, music is in my veins. If names like Bootsy Collins, and the Ohio Players ring a bell, then you know where I come from. As a musician and poet myself, I have an appreciation for art that hasn’t been inundated by the agendas of major labels and networks. Recently I’ve been sharing music and connecting with artists via social media. Follow me on Instagram @mainstream_music_isgarbage.