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Why Ending Chris Brown’s Career Won’t Help Feminist Agenda In The Music Industry


See… the problem with third wave feminism is inconsistency. All the buzz within the past few days has been about Chris Brown and his outlandish tweet regarding Khelani’s (whoever that is) suicide attempt. Suicide is no joking matter, and by no means do any members on the staff at IATI support the actions of Chris Brown. However, it seems the agenda for women’s rights in the music industry comes into question amidst Chris’ latest antics. After Breezy’s comment, women in the industry have come out in protest against Chris, and some news media circuits are back to labeling him as an abuser of women. This is where some in the anti-Breezy movement need to go into the garage clean off the lawn chairs for the BBQ’s this summer and have several seats. There’s a bit of amnesia when it comes to remembering other male artists who are abusers.

Recall When Drake Sent Goons To Kill His Ex?

Remember in 2014 when Drake sent members of his entourage to threaten his then girlfriend Jhonni Blaze’s life after she went public about their intimate relationship? Hmmm, why didn’t that get a lot of buzz like Chris’ tweet about what’s her name? Oh, is it because she was lying? Was it just a publicity stunt? She’s just another industry slut Drake ran through, right? Drake has too much appeal with the ladies to be ever considered an abuser, right? He did it yet again around the same time to Shaye G, another female he was involved with. Oh well, that didn’t stop hoards of females from sporting those cute Hot Line Bling ugly

Christmas Sweaters this past winter. Weren’t those adorable with the little dance to go along with it?

 Rapper Game battered His Ex Fiancé, But Guuurl…

The Game attacked his Ex-Fiancé, Tiffney Cambridge, a few years back with his children there to witness it all. Cambridge claims the rapper tore her clothes off and began to throw jabs at her torso, and stated that he said he would take her life. Apparently that doesn’t matter to the majority of females who blew up Game’s Instagram this past year when he posted a pic of himself in a pair of draws that left very little to the imagination with regards to his man parts.

Chris Is An Asshole, But Atleast He’s Consistent

 Let Chris talk. As long as he’s not strangling any females leave him alone. More people should be concerned about presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s views on women’s rights, isn’t that more important? Furthermore, why wasn’t there more outrage last year when Rihanna released the video to her single “Bitch Better Have My Money?” Some feminists voiced their opinions regarding the Misogyny in the video, but that died down very quickly. The point is that the criticism regarding the way women are treated in the music industry needs to be consistent. Don’t give a pass to one guy, and send the other one to the gallows. By the Way, why aren’t more spectators concerned with the men who drove Khelani to post that comment on IG in the first place? 








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