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Dead Katz Chats With IATI About The Current State Of The Music Industry, New Album, Creative Process, and Much More…


At first listen one may think Dead Katz is a band, but in actuality all of the genius behind the cool riffs, dreamy chords, and realist song titles such as,“Weekends are Depressing,” “I Hate Feeling The Feeling I’m Feeling,” and “Learning To Let Go Of The Past So I Can Look Forward To Hating My Future,” all comes from one man. On his latest release, Everything I Could Ever Say Without Saying It, Dead Katz continues to deliver raw feelings, and catchy tunes. The mysterious realist took a moment to chat with Iamtheindustry regarding his musical inspirations, creative process, and thoughts on the current state of the music industry. You describe Dead Katz as a “a shitty person in a shitty town making shitty music.” Who Is Dead Katz? What are the origins of Dead Katz?

Dead Katz: Dead Katz is just my recording name. I pretty much write and record everything for it myself, excluding a few parts here and there.

It originally just started out with releasing some (in my eyes) unfinished demos.
I had been recording music for a couple of years before that, but they were the first recordings I was actually somewhat proud of.

I guess I just never really stopped after that.

IATI: Explain some of your dream pop influences?

Dead Katz: One of my favorite dream pop bands is Swiss Alps. I don’t think they make music anymore. But I’m not 100% sure on that.

Their music just has an amazing feel to it. It’s impossible for me to be sad while listening to them.

Sunshine Faces is also a really fantastic band. If you haven’t listened to them yet, you should definitely check them out.

IATI: Overall musically, where do you draw your inspiration?

Dead Katz: I’ve been listening to a lot of Broken Social Scene, Blithe Field, Emperor X, New Order, Monster Rally, and Yuck.

I also draw influence from a lot of old disco and funk music. I grew up listening to Earth, Wind, & Fire, so I guess that just kind of stuck with me.

IATI: As an indie artist and an artist that has been making music for quite some time, what are your thoughts on the music industry?

Dead Katz: I’ve only dealt with smaller labels. And they’ve all been really cool. But as far as bigger labels, I think they’re parasites. They don’t care about the music or the musician or even the fans. They care about making as much money as possible. Greed messes with people.

IATI: Why do you think it’s so tough to break into the music industry these days?

Dead Katz: There’s just so much good music being put out by people just recording themselves, that it’s hard to go through it all. Plus, a lot of people don’t go out of their way to find music. They just listen to whatever comes on the radio or see in movies. So it’s hard to get seen or heard without the right exposure.

IATI: Your latest release, Everything I Could Ever Say Without Ever Saying It At All, how did that come into existence? What is your creative process?

Dead Katz: It’s different for every song. It usually starts with me messing around on my guitar until I find something that I like. I record it and just keep layering until I feel like the song is finished. Vocals and lyrics usually come last in the process.

IATI: Staff at IATI favorite cuts from the album are: “My Career Was Over Before It Even Started,” “Blood In The Basement,” “Hawaiian Party Fever Dreams,” and “Falling Asleep Before You’re Gone.” What are you personal favorites?

Dead Katz: My favorites were probably “Blood In The Basement” and “Falling Asleep Before You’re Gone”.

“Blood In The Basement” is probably one of my favorite guitar riffs that I’ve written.

IATI: What Can we expect from Dead Katz for the rest of 2016?

Dead Katz: I’m currently working on a split album with Good Boy and Soccer Mommy. So that should be out sometime in 2016.

I’m also working on the follow up to “Everything I Could Every Say…”
I have about 15 or so demos. So I’ll keep everyone updated with that once it starts coming together.

Keep With all of Dead Katz’s happenings on: Facebook,; Instagram, @deadkatz4ever; and Bandcamp, Support indie artists whenever possible, don’t let music die.

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