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Kanye Manipulates Fans: Life Of Pablo And Emotional Abuse


Simply put for the sake of this article, an emotional abuser purposely ignores or excludes the significant other, denies abusing the significant other and reverses the blame, lies often, and makes victims feel as though they may deprived of the care and attention they need.

Fans of Kanye West may be feeling as though they are victims of emotional abuse after hoards of them rushed to sign up for Tidal earlier this year just for the sake of streaming his latest release, only to discover that the album is now available through all major streaming services (as mentioned, emotional abusers make their victims feel as though they will be deprived of the care and attention they need). Not only that, but fans who attempted to download the album through Tidal got ripped off and charged twice! In the midst of thousands of fan’s sorrow, Ye announced he was millions of dollars in debt (boo-hoo, as uncle ruckus would say).

Here we witness Kanye attempting to gain sympathy after victimizing his fans, in typical fashion of an emotional abuser. “Yo, f**** you Kanye,” like Jay-z said on the last track of The College Dropout, “Last Call.”

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