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Music Streaming⚔ An Introduction To The New Age


Will streaming eventually murder the thought of a physical CD sale?

Drastic technology changes are sweeping the world, and the growing hype of music, and entertainment, streaming services are growing at unparalleled rates. With the rising of tech-fashion, virtual reality instruments, and mobile-tech growth, music has the ability to look and sound good. When will technology help in the aid of improving how we her music. Music streaming is the key to knowing, so let’s look at the facts.

In late January, Fashion-Icon Rihanna, released her 8th studio LP Anti exclusively on Tidal. Tidal is an emerging music streaming and media tool, operated on the worlds best mobile, and audio technology. Anti instantly became certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, better known as RIAA. This was an amazing accomplishment because Rihanna invested her time and energy into creating the future of entertainment in music. Anti did not become platinum by sales, but for the first time ever in music-entertainment history by music streaming. The numbers look grand, but you have to make the charts to see those numbers.

What did Princess Rih have to do?

Anti was not bought by 1 million different people like in the modern tradition of music. However, with the help of Samsung, Princess Rih released Anti for free stream and download on Tidal, in attempts to promote the future. Tidal is owned by a Norwegian technology company, Aspiro Group. Samsung bought 1 million copies of Anti and also became the face of Samsung, or should I say user-interface? A simple sponsorship deal, this must be the business of music, but why Samsung?

What are the rules in music streaming?

Check out Khloe Sierra‘s comparison of Vinyl vs. Compact Disc.

Vinyl Records vs. Compact Discs


It does not seem to me that album sales are that important anymore with streaming now in the picture. Think about something of a musicianship sales-bracket. Artist should be accredited for the amount of loyalty and love they spread with their art, to their fans. However, this change comes at a cost. Take the streaming wars for instance; Beyoncé started a war between streaming services just by limiting her music to Tidal, and just as expected her loyal Bey Hive swarmed to Tidal for the exclusive release.

Vinyl is the physical form of music, and music is naturally intended to be heard through sound waves that appeal to the ear, not through the glass door of an electronic instrument. The appeal of the instruments are an important part in therapeutically astounding music. You will know who deserves vinyl privileges, only legends can compliment the virgin sound.

Legends produce timeless music, and timeless music inspires creation over time. Timeless music embodies a complimenting, and entertaining face.



  1. Great article. It does bring the bigger question into play, on whether or not steaming music will be the next be thing for the music industry?! Only time will tell. Awesome work man!!

  2. I love this brother!!!!! Continue o pursue your dreams/ passion. I think your on to something here.
    I love you always,
    Your Big Sister

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