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A Song You Need In Your Life

Have you ever heard a song and it hit you hard emotionally? 

It can feel really good listening to an uplifting song while you think about all the good in your life or even a club banger while you dance carelessly forgetting about your problems. It can also feel really bad listening to a sentimental ballad, while you think about that ex you just can’t forget about. Good music usually tends to bring out unsurfaced emotion and at the right times. A song by a rather new artist in my collection of music brought me to actual tears.

“Never Be Like You” by FLUME featuring Kai first played through my ears just a few weeks ago. Its one of those “Im sorry” tracks that will get you back in the ropes with your special someone once played. I would recommend adding this to your music collection ASAP.

You will thank me when that time in your life comes and you just need to let out what your holding in. You will also love to know that others have been through what you are, and you will thank them, FLUME and kai, for making such an amazing and emotional song for you to connect to, as am I. THAK YOU!

You can get the song on Tidal, Spotify,  Apple Music and Soundcloud. 

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