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“I Rebelled and Here We Are…” Femi Onas and Learning Himself Through Music


I got a chance to ask pop (maybe?) musician Femi Onas about his musical journey and I was not at all

surprised by his answers, based on the groovy mixture of sounds I heard in his music. Just the title of his

song, “Would You Be My Lover,” took me back to being a little kid looking up old school music to

download on Kazaa. Take a listen to his SoundCloud and check out what he has to say about his musical

style and you’ll see exactly what I mean….

Hope: Where are you from? What was it like growing up?

Femi: My name is Femi Onas and I was born in Far Rockaway, Queens NY to Nigerian Immigrant

parents. I had an upbringing full of ups and downs but my musical appetites were fostered quite early

by my father who was an avid music lover. My mother also contributed by purchasing musical

instruments as well as making sure I always had batteries to listen to my radios. Despite this early

nurturing musically speaking, they were vehemently against my pursuit of music as a career. I rebelled

and here we are.

H: How has all of that affected your music?

F: Because of my early exposure to different genres, I developed an openness which has afforded me

great range in terms of musical composition. The different rhythms and cadences of Pop, R&B/Soul,

Funk, Hip-hop, Salsa, Afro-beat, Reggae, Classic Rock, Grunge, Punk etc. all make me the artist I am


H: Describe your music style.

F: My musical style is pretty open, fluid and not confined to any one genre institution. For the sake of

simplicity let’s just say pop.

H: Who are your influences?

F: My influences are so many but I’ll name a few; some of the main ones. James Brown, Jackie Wilson,

Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Parliament, Hector Lavoe, Fela Kuti, Ike and Tina and the

list goes on and on.

H: If you could record with one artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

F: There are so so so many but for simplicity once more let’s just say Stevie Wonder. Reason being you

never learn all there is to learn. Every day brings a wealth of lessons and if there’s any one close to

perfection musically it’s him. I’d like to work with him so I can learn as much as he knows.

H: Anything else we should know?

F: I feel music is a spiritual entity and should be respected, adored and carefully nurtured as opposed to

abused, exploited and misappropriated. My name is Femi Onas and I’m here with this voice that I’ve

been generously endowed with to make you laugh, dance, make love, cry, contemplate, pray and revolt.

My first and latest effort titled “Would You Be My Lover” is a lighthearted, up-tempo dance ode to

golden era 80s pop. With its catchy resounding melody, it fuses pop, R&B and funk to create the reason

for your inability to sit still.

You can catch Femi here:

And see his video here:

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Hope Carter
Hailing from "Screwston," Texas, Hope has been immersed in music since birth, first being exposed to Motown by her parents, then discovering her love for all genres as she trained as a dancer. Her unique set of life experiences growing up in Houston's Historic Third Ward as a lower middle class child, attending schools in more affluent neighborhoods, all the while attending an international church in which she was very involved, created her open-minded approach to music and art. Hope is very socially conscious, and prefers to take songs as a whole - both lyrically and sonically - before making her final judgment on their quality. As a dancer, she is inclined to be interested to anything she can move to, but her Dirty South roots give her room to appreciate a more laidback, chill (screwed) vibe. Her taste in music continues to change as she discovers new artists and as genres evolve.