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I got “Hot Sauce” In My Bag


When Formation first released as a Tidal Exclusive in early February, Everyone had many questions. It just came out of no where, which isn’t surprising from Beyoncé. She’s well-known for dropping albums/tracks without fans knowing. But this was a whole new level for Beyoncé. Formation was both very different and very similar to previous tracks by Queen Bey, and not only did we get a new song but a video to go perfectly with it.

We all know about Formation, its been quite the wait since the release, but what didn’t we know about? None of us knew who Hot Sauce was. Most of us, including myself, thought it was actual hot sauce but no, Queen Bey fooled us all and it was not expected.

LEMONADE, Bey’s latest visual album, dropped on Tidal on April 24th equipped with 12 tracks and a short movie. It seems as if the album acted as a soundtrack for an emotional trip into her life. Something we as fans never get a glimpse of. This is what the ladies were getting in formation for. After it dropped exclusively on Tidal, that’s when the swarm began.

The short movie was an honest and truthful narrative of Bey’s emotional trip dealing with her cheating husband, a man America trusted and thought only the best of, OG Rapper and Business Mogul JAY-Z. Each song or set of songs has an emotion connected that Bey made sure we felt so that we all could understand what she went through. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you’re now curious, the only way to understand it to watch the short film for yourself exclusively on Tidal.

The short film was mainly about her journey with her husband, but also subliminally spoke on many controversial issues such as the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, and she got the help of many idolized and powerful black women, such as Serena Williams to name one, to be apart of this masterpiece.

But what got everyone’s attention while watching the short film was a scene for her song “Hold Up.” As soon as fans saw everyone immediately took a flashback to the now famous verse “I got hot sauce in my bag, swag” from her hit single Formation. While walking through town, Bey is smashing everything in her path with a bat with the name “Hot Sauce” printed on it, in her scene for “Hold Up.” Bey had a bat in her bag the whole time and no one even knew.

The bat is the album, and the truth which I’m sure smashed JAY-Z‘s every existence, or did he know about the whole thing?

LEMONADE is a literary and visual masterpiece that strongly deserves to be played in theaters across the world and deserves an Oscar. She sat and planned out a beautiful and heartfelt presentation, and if you think about everything, every move she made was to support this. She tip toed around all of us, and we had no idea. She wanted the entire world to see this and the entire followed her command by watching it. After this release there is no doubt that Beyoncé isn’t already a legend of todays music. This is the Beyoncé we never got to see. Now the only question I have is…

Whats next? I know there’s more.

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