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The Diva Triumvirate Of Pop: Beyonce, Rihanna, And Taylor Swift


This week the home girl Tinashe was Debo’d by Rihanna. reported that playgirl Tinashe postponed her international tour just to work on her new album, but baby girl soon lost her focus when she found out that RiRi has her eyes set on swiping her new single “Joyride.” Really? It’s not good enough that Rihanna has more than one chart topper out right now? It’s starting to seem like no other female artist can rise to megastar status, because a few have a monopoly over that status. It wasn’t long ago that the public learned of Taylor Swift’s power in the industry as she continues to go blow for blow in stilettos with trolling royalty Kanye West. Beyonce has reached heights unimaginable by most artists in the music industry today, and anyone who stands in her way has to face the beehive. Then there’s RiRi she simply takes what she wants, no questions asked. There’s nothing exciting about the current state of affairs in the industry. It’s the same faces and the same sound, and everyone below is afraid to disagree with those at the top. This type of environment stifles creativity, and it’s evident. Who’s bold enough, and has enough power to stage a coup?

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