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Don’t Believe The Hype: It’s Not Really Cool To Be Different


This week has been one of the busiest weeks in the music industry this year. Two industry titans faced off with back-to-back releases. Beyonce’s Lemonade made Billboard history While Drake’s highly anticipated LP Views effortlessly outsold Beyonce’s release. Nothing else matters at this moment if it’s not about Beyonce and Drake, not even the passing away of two very important individuals in music history, Prince and Afeni Shakur. The penalty for opposing public opinion with regards to these artists is like committing social suicide. You’ll get called names, told that your opinion is irrelevant, and you could even lose credibility with friends in future conversations that really matter. Somehow a discussion about any of today’s music megastars can easily turn into a larger conversation about world hunger, women’s rights, or the 2016 Presidential race. Pop culture facists are all around us, so may you find solace and courage in just being you.

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Will Eady
Born and raised in the birthplace of Funk, and arguably the birthplace of Rock n’ Roll, music is in my veins. If names like Bootsy Collins, and the Ohio Players ring a bell, then you know where I come from. As a musician and poet myself, I have an appreciation for art that hasn’t been inundated by the agendas of major labels and networks. Recently I’ve been sharing music and connecting with artists via social media. Follow me on Instagram @mainstream_music_isgarbage.