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Had Enough Lemonade? Grab A Bite To Eat With Scienze’s Latest Release, Good Food


Have you had enough Lemonade? Half the staff here at Iamtheindustry has, and we’re ready to grab a bite to eat. Brooklyn bred emcee Scienze came through with some good eats this past week with his latest release, Good Food. The concept album features 13 tracks of food based metaphors, similes, and punch lines. Fans know that Scienze is no stranger to concept albums. The Ella series is probably one of the most underrated hip-hop albums in recent years. Scienze reminds listeners of Ella on the second track “Apples & Oranges,” and sums up what it was all about. He states “Did an album for the women, about a woman.” It was a tale that detailed the ebbs and flows of relationships, how they start and how they end (Ladies, need relationship advice? No need to think like a man, just turn on any track from Ella).


Good Food Gives Food For Thought, And Is Not Your Typical Foodie Album


Scienze continued to perfect his formula with the Traveling Man series, and into his latest release. Good Food’s food based flows may remind some listeners of Kenny Segal’s Ken Can Cook, but without the comedic, let’s have a good time approach. Scienze hits hard on tracks like the aforementioned “Apples & Oranges.” On the last verse he briefly touches on his thoughts regarding today’s rappers “I’m pinpointing all the fakest emcees who use green while they ride on the stream/ who use lean just to lean they fans… fuck ‘em all.” He defines himself as an emcee to wrap up the verse, and lets listeners know that he’s different from today’s standard rapper “we as different as apples and fuckin’ oranges/ don’t call me underground/ don’t call me conscious/ I’m just a rapper who’s rappin’ who got a strong will/ I’m just a captain that’s carryin’ that New York feel…”


Scienze Provides Attention Grabbing Song Titles, Catchy Hooks, And Good Recipes


Flipping through the track list may make any listener feel as if there isn’t a specific starting point. You can’t start with the first track; you have to approach it like a plate of food. Do you start with chomping away at the sides, or head for the meat of the dish? It comes down to what’s most appealing on the plate at the moment, right? With catchy song titles such as “Pancakes & Slacks,” and “Lettuce & Croutons,” you have to follow your stomach. On the latter mentioned track, Scienze puts out the catchiest hook of the whole album “chop-choppin’ up, choppin’ up, choppin’ up the lettuce.” Fellow Brooklyn emcee Fresh daily is featured on that song, and provides a tasty, healthy recipe “sprinkle olive oil on the kale, sea salt, lemon juice, mix it in well/ or baby spinach/ oh baby, wait a minute/ get the plates and the dishes/ get the croutons, put the flavor in it.” Are you feeling hungry yet? Pick up Good Food at, and follow Scienze on Instagram @scienze, and on Facebook,

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