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The Queen Bey… Overrated?


Beyonce is getting a divorce.

Beyonce ditches Jay Z and her wedding ring.

Beyonce adds dates to her formation tour.

Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting another baby.

Beyonce didn’t carry Blue Ivy.

Beyonce’s breath stinks.

Beyonce lost her virginity to Jay Z.

Beyonce has been proven to plagiarize songs also she doesn’t usually write her own songs.

Beyonce becomes the first woman to chart 12 songs on the Hot 100 at once, passing Taylor Swifts 11.

All 12 of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Tracks debut on the Hot 100.

I will never knock this woman for anything that she’s done. She’s a great singer, an amazing entertainer, she can act, she can rap and she’s a bad ass businesswoman. But, to be honest… I AM TIRED of hearing about “Queen” Bey. Firstly, when she dropped ‘Lemonade’ I think it was a bit disrespectful due to the fact that we just lost the legendary Prince himself. He couldn’t rest in peace because one minute everyone was mourning his loss, then Bey ‘dropped ‘Lemonade’ and all eyes were on her. She doesn’t deserve the title “Queen’, I’m sorry she doesn’t. She is clearly a well polished marketing tool. Talented nonetheless but so are many other performers. It’s easy to see that her prepackaged persona of cultural versatility is what makes her seem easy for many to acknowledge. This makes her a perfect front to sell anything from sociopolitical agenda to a cold can of Pepsi. Secondly, she hasn’t done much revolutionary lately in all honesty. As a mater of fact, by taking a closer look at her attempt to seem deep, it becomes apparent that she has never been a political revolutionary. All her endeavors to tap into political issues have ended in blunders. One of the most memorable moments is when she openly declared herself a feminist. Remember her “Drunk In Love” Grammy’s performance in 2014 with hubby Jay-z? There’s a line in that song that made many feminists second guess her views on women’s rights. During Jay’s verse he stated “I’m like Ike Turner/You know I don’t play/Now eat the cake anna-mae/Eat the cake Anna-mae.” Beyonce was rapping along to every word leaving many confused on what she really stands for (watch What’s Love Got To Do With It, and you’ll understand why that Jay verse had many women’s rights advocates upset). If that’s not enough to annoy anyone with a sound mind, then let’s take a look at how it’s like she’s her own fucking religion – it’s sickening. i.e “If Beyonce say we leaving our ni**as, we leaving our ni**as. You not gonna catch me out of formation.” You leave your man if you want to, following her lyrics. When it’s all said and done, she’s going back home to her man – Jay Z and her baby girl Blue Ivy. She’s typical now, we know she’s known for dropping albums without notice. She’s also not that beautiful either. Sorry not sorry. There are several artists who are more talented than Beyonce vocal-wise i.e Chrisette Michele, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia. I can go on. Kid Rock said it best “Beyonce, to me, doesn’t have a fucking Purple Rain, but she’s the biggest thing on Earth,” he said. “How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock and Roll?” Let’s not forget when her belly rolled over during her Australian talk show “Sunday Night HD”. Sorry, I ain’t sorry. I ain’t thinking ’bout you. Middle fingers up, put them hands high.

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