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Azealia Banks’ Twitter Comfort Is Starting To Cost Her Career!


After penning a series of racist and anti-gay tweets against One Direction’s Zayn Malik, Azealia Banks has been removed as a major headliner from the Rinse | Born & Bred Music Festival. Which is June 4-5 at Haggerston Park in Hackney, London.

It all starting with Azealia implying that Zayn stole visual ideas from her in his latest music video for one of his album singles Like I Would. After his reply she then went on about his family, Arab background, and called him a series of derogatory words including a ‘f*ggot’ and ‘curry scented b*tch.’ Tweets stayed up for about and hour or two before she deleted them. Rinse FM and Born and Bred posted a cancellation flyer on twitter after seeing this petty rant.

Azealia we understand that you’re tired of being in the shadows, but trying to knock someone else’s shine is not the way to come out into the spotlight. You’ve got your 15 minutes but it did not help you, next time make it count.

See tweets and photos from parties of the situation below.



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