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J.D. Nero Brooklyn’s underground MC


What started off as a casual conversation with underground rap artist J.D. Nero and myself via. Instagram slowly but surely turned into an interview. It was a pleasurable honor to converse with this Brooklyn native MC. Him and I being from the same borough touched based on a few of our childhood favorites, along with our favorite artists and things that inspire his writing.  Music is his passion. He loves it, it frees him. Nero talked about the love he has for writing, recording, performing and just about every aspect of being an artist. “Connecting across the globe with people through this thing he’s created, there’s nothing like it.” he says. The now Long Islander was chosen for a single project in Switzerland. CONGRATULATIONS! I asked Nero: “Who are some of your favorite “artists” that are out now?” in response, he named some of the greatest rappers today, i.e J. Cole, the infamous Nas, our favorite “Kick Push” rapper; Lupe, Jay-Z, T.I,and the list goes on. He stated that he loves ” a lot of cats.” With a great line up of singers such as: Melanie Fiona, Jasmine Sullivan, Ne-yo and last but not least our favorite “Work, Work, Work, Work, Work” singer Rihanna. Nero fell in love with music in 1999 and started writing in 2003 just for fun and because he loved Hip-Hop. In 2008, he took it seriously and started writing for a project and recorded his first project. When asked “How do you write your music? Is there a technique you do? Or does the music just comes to you?” in response “I have over 6K songs in my phone. I love writing. I do it as often as possible. Yin and Yang. The good and the bad. Honestly. I know it may sound weird but it’s true. Whack cats blowing up inspires me. Dope cats doing new things inspires me.” Nero’s first project is ‘Food 4 Thought: The Appetizer‘ Everyone’s favorite song is “Remedy”. But he said “it’s a tie between that and “Don’t fear No Rappers”. He creates from the imagination and from his experiences mostly. Other times he observes and reports. This independent  Hip-Hop artist does not care to be signed, however; he does work with many different producers. We touched base on the industry and the “music” that’s out now. Let’s just say… he and I agreed we’re not too fond of the industry. Too many political things involved. It’s not about skills or the message. It’s about social media and the artist doing more work than the labels that pimp them. Let’s not forget Ice Cube record “Record Company Pimpin“.

“Truthfully I want to rhyme like Common Sense. But I did 5 Mil. I ain’t been rhyming like Common Sense.”

“If skills sold truth be told I’d probably be lyrically Talib Kweli.”

@JDnero – All of his music is free.

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