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Award Shows: Are They Really For The Music Or For Celebrity Gossip And Fashion?


Lets reminisce back to 1985 when Tina Turner amazed the audience with her performance to her song “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. If anything could give you chills it was Whitney Houston’s performance in 1989 she sang her hit “One Moment In Time”. Or, in 1988 when the king of pop performed his two major hits “The Way You Make Me Feel, and Man In The Mirror”. We can’t forget my favorite 1991 performance from Mariah Carey when she sang “Vision Of Love” and Celine Dion 1998 performance “My Heart Will Go On” which earned her a Grammy in 1999. I miss those days when we actually appreciated the artists for their music, not just their fashion or their personal life. That is what’s wrong with today, they can’t separate the artists personal life from them as an artist. With award shows such as: The Grammy’s, Billboard, iHeart Music, AMA’s, BET, and MTV VMA’s just to name a few; it seems as if today the awards aren’t solely based on music/artists appreciation. Everything is celebrity gossip, or fashion. Before the ceremony begins, of course, they have the red carpet. Everyone is showing off their Givenchy dresses, and their Red Bottom heels along with flashy chains and grills, let’s not forget the celebrity gossip. Who’s messing around with whom, and who’s “beefing” with whom. What happened to the days when the “Music” awards was about the artists and how amazing their music is or when we  yes I said we because we all play a factor in this; but, what happened when the awards were really for the music. Every year, there are less performances and more gossiping and drama. i.e Last year at the VMA’s, Nicki Minaj called Miley Cyrus out onstage by calling her a bitch. I feel that was absolutely uncalled for, and it’s definitely not something you do at an award ceremony. Also when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift in 2009 while she was saying her acceptance speech. Now you tell me, are they really for the music, or for the fashion and gossip?

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