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Political Expression Through Art: The “Donald Trump’s Nightmare” Cypher


“Straight Outta Options,” as one meme circulating around social media reads. The meme features both presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (pick your poison). We’re already almost half way through 2016, and it’s becoming more of a reality everyday that Trump could become the next president. However, the opposition to the Trump campaign is strong on several fronts. There’s of course the most notable sort of flash mob resistance that’s been present at every rally, but then there’s the more peaceful artistic resistance that’s been active as well. That’s exactly what the “Donald Trump’s nightmare: The Cypher” was all about. Not too long ago a group of young Mexican hiphop artists got together to display their skills, and to give a voice to immigrants, and children of immigrants victimized by Trumps bigoted rants. These young poets addressed political oppression cleverly through art just like Jose Guadalupe Posada did, except with words. They stated their plight and frustrations with society while representing the west coast, and all the while reminding informed listeners that the struggles of the barrio and the ghetto are the same. Check out the Cypher on You tube:

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Will Eady
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