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Notty Taylor: A Conversation About A Musical Journey


After weeks of busy schedules between myself and Mr. Taylor, we finally got the chance to sit down and have a talk. Born Brandon Taylor, but known to his fans as Notty Taylor; this Knoxville, TN, native is just like any other young rapper trying to make it into the music industry. He was inspired by everyday life like relationships, conversations, adversity, even the fish platter from Stop N’ Go and musical inspirations like Drake, Andre 3000 which happen to be two of my favorite rappers and Kanye West. I got the chance to pick his brain and see what type of music is in his iPod, and who would he love to work with in the near future.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: So who is Notty Taylor?

Notty: A crazy talented kid from Knoxville, TN, that’s on a journey to find his way in life, while he documents the journey through his music.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: How was life growing up in Knoxville?

Notty: It was like navigating a minefield. Everyone doesn’t make it out, just like any other city. Life moved slow, country slang drenched our dialect, winter lasts for two months maybe… It’s nothing like the south.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: There’s nothing like the south. I’m a BROOKLYN girl, living in a Texas world. Lol

KhloeFromBrooklyn: How long have you been making music?

Notty: Seriously, since 2014. I put my first songs out on Myspace… way back, I wanna say 2005.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Lol! I remember Myspace. Those were the good ole’ days.

Notty: For real, like being in somebody top 8 was everything.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Where do you draw inspiration? What inspires you musically?

Notty: I draw inspiration from life. Whether that’s text messages, conversations, relationships, adversity. Anything can make me jot down bars in my notes on my phone. The fish platter from Stop N’ Go, my friends.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Lol! The Fish platter from Stop  N’ Go, that’s funny.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Who would you like to collaborate with in the near future?

Notty: Timbaland.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Great artist, why Timbaland?

Notty: To pick his brain, share ideas and create. His sound and catalog speaks for itself.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Deep. What artists are in your playlists? Who are some of your favorite artists?

Notty: Drake, Erykah, Ye and Andre 3000. My playlists change daily but the last song I played before this interview was All In By: Cudi.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Great line up.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Lets talk about your latest EP: Cutlass, what are your favorite tracks?

Notty: All of them are actually my favorite.

KhloeFromBrooklyn:IATI favorites from that EP are: St8$$$ and Martha. What are your current state of the music industry? Why do you think it’s difficult to break into the music business these days?

Notty: It depends on how you look at it, everybody’s journey is different.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: Indeed true. How’s your journey going this far?

Notty: I’m living it… we’re living it. Performed at SXSW for the first time this year. It’s about progression really and good music, giving back to my city one day, that’s all I want to achieve.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: What are your plans for the rest of 2016? What can fans expect from you in the near future?

Notty: Shows, music, good vibes and art.

KhloeFromBrooklyn: What will be different between your next EP? Are you working with different producers this time or the same ones from the previous EP?

Notty: I’d say the mood and the soundscape of the new stuff is the biggest difference. My engineer/producer t.ANT Executive Producer CUTLASS, and we’re a team so he’ll handle that role again this time around. We’ve got other producers we’re working with but I like to – the collabs reveal themselves. We keep most of it in house though so t.ANT and I will do most of the heavy lifting. t.ANT produced 13 of 15 songs on CUTLASS… of the 20 – whatever songs on my Soundcloud he’s done 17-18.

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