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The Megastar Plight: Success, Popularity, And The Down Side To Fame


Tell me… for those of you who spend eight hours a day confined to a cubicle, what do you daydream about to pass the time? You may think about what will be airing on ratchet TV after work, paying bills, or the luxurious life of the rich and famous. Monday through Friday the same damn thing everyday, what would you give to the live the life of a megastar? Flights overseas, brand new cars, big houses, and everyone treating you like a god. How could such a lifestyle have a downside? It often makes the news when celebrities spit at cameras, and attack paparazzi. The media has a way of making celebrities seem self absorbed and unappreciative of their success, and while there may be some truth to that, it’s also fair to assert that life of a celebrity can be taxing. Artists such as, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse both expressed their frustrations with being in the limelight, but even some of today’s most famous artists suffer from the effects of fame.


In an interview a year ago Rihanna mentioned that one of her biggest fears is being consumed by fame. She referred to fame simply as “poison.” Justin Bieber has been in the news more than a few times with regards to coping with fame. Most recently he was in the news reminding the public that he’s still a person, and would like a bit of respect. He has previously mentioned that at one point fame nearly killed him. Some artists have completely abandoned the spotlight to obtain peace of mind. Nicole Scherzinger from Pussy Cat Dolls left all the fame behind without a second thought. Some years ago the former lead singer of PCD stated that the fame made her feel lonely as the girl group became more successful. Maybe musicians particularly feel it the worst, because it’s really all about the music. The public tends to have more of a fascination with antics than with actual talent. Spending hours on end channeling creativity only to have it trumped by society’s obsession with superficiality is defeating.







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