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Westcoast Female Beatmaker Linafornia Makes History with Debut LP, Yung


Cali beatmaker Linafornia debuts in 2016 with her  LP Yung. The album features12 tracks that demonstrate her ability as beat maker, not just any up and upcoming beatmaker, but an up and coming female beat maker. The down low on the westcoast zonked out endeavor is that it’s so many things at once.

From the intro listeners are introduced to old school voice snippets and jazzy loops; it’s pieced together like an audio collage of soul, jazz, and funk throughout. On “Hi Shrimp” the adventure continues, but this time the emphasis is on jazz. The sample consists of a looped, busy sax jazz riff in addition to accented drum cymbals. At the end of the two and a half minute ride, a warped reversed version of “Hi Shrimp” plays over a hiphop voice snippet, and then listeners get one of the best experiences of the whole album with “Brownies.” Roy Ayer’s “Sunshine” is slowed down, and screwed with echoes of Busta Rhymes spewing out lines from “Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check).” A revisit of this track appears to close out the album, but with full Busta verses and titled “Gotchuallin CHECK!!!!”

Tracks like “Wetttt,” and “Dot Wav” can be mentioned as selling points on the album due to their familiar sound. “Dot Wav” being the more familiar as far as what’s popular now with rapper Devi Wonder’s trap like flow on the track. One track after “Dot Wav,” Lina takes us to place where words of wisdom are shared over ethnic sounding percussion on “Rargroovs.” This track balances the flaunty vibes from “Dot Wav,” and nicely prepares for the wrap up.  Staff at are definitely looking forward to hearing more from Lina in the near future, and to keep up with her tour dates and so on don’t forget to follow Lina on Instagram, @linafornia, and Facebook,

Yung was released on Dome of Doom records; buy the album here at

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