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Elctro-pop Sensation Glitter Wasteland Releases “Cold War” As A Nice Teaser Before The Release Of Their New EP Next Month


There’s only a few weeks left before Glitter Wasted releases their latest endeavor, EP1. The lead single “Cold War” is a nice teaser with its dark synthy sound. Vocalist Siri Jantey harmonizes the words “cold-cold war, nowhere to go” on the hook with a slight Liz Fraser vibe. The gated reverb snare and the electro pop melody capture the zeitgeist of the 80’s. The remix to the single, other wise known as the “PopShop Remix,” abandons the synthwave touch for a techno beat. This version is mostly instrumental after Siri sings out a verse, but bits and pieces of the hook appear throughout the track. Follow Glitter Wasted on Facebook,; Instagram, @glitter_wasteland; and Soundcloud,

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