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Last week Kanye surprised us with a new song “Champions” which is now available to stream on Tidal, with various artists including Gucci Mane who’s just recently released from prison. The track is the first I’ve seen that is equally owned by the featured artists and the owner, as it is on each of the artists’ music collections on Tidal.

Now it seems that we are in for another surprise. When Champions released, Kanye’s announced a new album to be dropped soon “Cruel Winter” and this track would be the first single. Which also means there should be a Music video coming soon, which I’m sure everyone would be excited to watch. I know I will. This morning Kanye Tweeted

A TOUR? Finally, it seems as it we all have been waiting far too long for another Tour by the crazy and innovative Hip Hop Artist. To top of the surprise the tour will kick-start in my home town of Indianapolis, IN and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


For American Express & Tidal Members pre-sale tickets will be available on the 14th & 16th of June through the 17th.

Read more about Kanye and the tour from the Tidal Exclusive Editorial.


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