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Fly.Union Member Jerreau Smith goes Solo.


Rapper Jerreau, Coloumbus, Ohio native and Fly.Union group member goes solo. Recently releasing his first solo endeavor,”Never How You Plan.” Fly.Union is a rap/production duo consisting of Lyeball, Jay Swifa and Mc Jerreau. Notably known for their debut album, TGTC (The Greater Than Club), which reached number one spot on iTunes Hip – Hop Chart in 2011. Never How You Plan minimal features and consisted of 14 songs: Persevere, Really Got it, Hunt & Trap, Corny Interlude, Make a Play (M.A.P), Looking for Something, Love for You 2, No Man Interlude, The Flow (Four Stories) [feat. Kaine], Come Over (feat. Lolah Brown), Got You, All Night, Champagne (Ohh Baby), Hold It Down. Accumulating constant change in his life Jerreau stated that the stories told on the album are real. Covering everyday topics: chasing your dreams, women, hanging with your friends, Hip – Hop and how this MC has been itching to do his own thing on his own. On track number 10. Come Over (feat. Lolah Brown) Jerreau sampled Aaliyah’s smash hit Come Over with Lolah Brown singing the hook.

Can I Stop by see you tonight Can I get with you Just wanna be with you, babe Can I stop by See you tonight Can I get with you Just wanna be with you, babe.

Track number 12. All Night was one of my favorites, it had a really soothing hook and staccato rhythm. Make a Play (M.A.P) which is number 5 on the album gives a “soulful trap” feel with its conscious rhyming lanes that are now trending in 2016. Artists such as; Bryson Tiller and Drake started that trend. This album covers real life experiences and emotions; not just for men, but for women also. This album will definitely be on my summer’s playlists.

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