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WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Where Does Emotion In Music Come From?


A couple of questions have been on my mind for quite a while now.

Want to know what those questions are?

Where does emotion in music come from?
What makes a song good or bad? The level of emotion present in the music or is it how well one relates to the lyrics?

It may be hard to believe but a songs true emotion comes from its beat, its spine, its structure. I think of music as us humans. We are compliments of our emotions, just as lyrics are compliments to beats/melodies.

Music is evolving rapidly because new producers are discovering the art of making beats with multiple layers and vocals. Trance music is finally stepping out of the shadows. It is a genre of music, essentially Electronic, but without all of the crazy; party; rave vibes. With subgenre’s of R&B, Pop and Hip Hop. Trance Music is the next step in music evolution. Giving music emotions.

I learned about the genre, or maybe I should say, species of music after listening to FLUME‘s “Never Be Like You” featuring KaiHis new album Skin, now available for download on Tidal and Apple Music. The album doesn’t have many lyrics in the tracks, but in a way it works. Sometimes lyrics can be distracting. Distracting for the sole purpose of the reason we listen to music. Music is therapy. We listen to music because we remember how we feel when hearing a song we really like. People often feel differently about music, meaning, we can listen to a song and love it but the lyrics may not even relate to a situation in our lives. Flume made sure everyone knows exactly how he felt when creating each and every 2-6 minute masterpiece. A Music Therapist you may call him.

We all need to give music producers more credit and acknowledgment than we already give them. Without them we would just have a bunch of angry, sad, mellow, excited, and sexual beings talking about their problems. Boring right?  We want to feel their problems to help fix ours.

Head over to your favorite music streaming service and Listen to Skin, or if your old school you can still buy and download it on iTunes and Soundcloud.



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