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LOLWUT? Tyga’s “New” Song Sounds JUST LIKE “Controlla”


Tyga’s new song, and I use that term “new” loosely, is called “1 of 1” but really should be called “2 of 1” because it sounds exactly like Drake’s “Controlla.” Maybe this breakup with Kylie Jenner is messing with his head, or maybe it was recorded before Drake’s song and just released later, but it’s a little hard to believe that no one in Tyga’s camp caught the striking similarity.

I won’t go as far as to say it’s plagiarism, but I think after hearing Drake’s song I would’ve either abandoned ship or just not released this song as a single, if I was Tyga. I know that reggae songs can tend to sound alike, but as a reggae listener – hell, as a person with functioning ears – the two are just a tad too similar for me to jam to both. And if it’s a question of Tyga or Drake, well, Aubrey wins this round.

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