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Top 10 R&B Artists To Watch This Summer


The summer is approaching, and I know we get tired of listening to the same artists every year. Here are the top 10 artist who will be on my playlist this summer.

  1. Anderson. Paak- Formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy, this California-born native is full of talent. He sings, produces, raps, and even plays the drums. He’s worked with artists such as: Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and Mr. Carmack. Anderson finally released his album, Malibu. In fact, he was a standout talent on Dr. Dre’s August release, Compton.
  2. Abra- This Atlanta based singer sound is completely different. The singer combined ’90’s pop with her love for R&B, and dance. She writes, and sings. She was discovered on Youtube by covering classic rap tracks. Hmm interesting.
  3. Dean- Born Kwon Hyuk and grew up in Hongeun-dong, seoul. This Korean R&B singer developed an interest in American Hip-Hop and rap in middle school, and began singing in high school. He would keep secrets from his parent by writing songs in his room. Although he was the first musician in his family, his parents enjoyed music and supported his decision to become an artist. In January. 2016 he performed “Pour Up” and “I’m Not Sorry” on You Hee-Yeol’s sketchbook. Also in January, he released the single “What 2 Do”, featuring Crush and Filipino -American Singer Jeff Bernat. In March. 2016, he was the first Asian artist to perform at Spotify House at SXSW, with internal artists including Miguel and Chvrdnes at the Seoul Jazz Festival. On June.3,2016, he appeared on You Hee-Yeol’s sketchbook for a second time singing “D(Half Moon)” and John Legend’s Ordinary People.
  4. DVSN- A canadian R&B duo signed to OVO sound. DVSN is a duo, compromised of Paul Jefferies, also known as Nineteen85; OVO sound’s producer, and Daniel Daley. Newly releasing their album Sept. 5th on April.1,2016.
  5. Nao_ This England Native was born to sing. Been on the scene since 2014 with the release of her debut EP, So Good. Her sound has been described as soul combined with funk, electronic music, and R&B. Her debut album For All We Know is set to be released on July.29,2016.
  6. Summertime Stories- This independent artist music on his SoundCloud, volleys between steamy and brooding, the weightless of his beats and the air of the vocals is more palpable than in many of R&B artists music lately.
  7. Kehlani- Straight out of Oakland, California; this tatted and pierced up singer is taking the world by storm. With a rough up-bringing she’s not letting that stop her from overcoming her dreams and climbing to the top! She’s had an amazing year and I can only see her going up from here. Listen to her album You Should Be Here.
  8. Justine Skye- The Purple Unicorn! This Brooklyn native released her latest EP Emotionally Unavailable, last summer. Collaborating with major artists such as: Tyga, Vic Mensa, and many more. She’s also best friends with Kylie Jenner.
  9. Mila J- Jhene Aiko older sister. Born Jamila Akiko Aba Chilombo, Mila just released her EP 213 with 8 songs: Oohwee, Kickin’ Back, Next Up, The Sweetest Taboo, Me & You, Friend Zone. Mila is very talented, she sings, raps, dance (an amazing performer by the way), and she’s also a songwriter. With this EP she showed a different side of her, especially with her covering the greatest Sade song “The Sweetest Taboo.”
  10. Tink- And we can’t forget about, known as Trinity to her family and friends. Since 2012 she’s released six mixtapes. Winters Diary 3 has to be my favorite. Her 2014 mixtape, Winters Diary 2:Forever Yours, was featured as a top R&B album in both Rolling Stone and Billboard magazines. Tink has been praised for her storytelling ability. Her music has also taken on issues like female empowerment and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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