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Want to know the secret to FAME?

On Friday, June 24th, Kanye West did the unthinkable.

What did he do? Well for his first single ‘FAMOUS’ featuring “bad gal” Rihanna, he held a visual premiere viewing for his fans.

I don’t think anyone knew what they were about to watch. In my little imaginary head I pictured a cliché music visual with the artist and the featured artist. I pictured good visuals and a horrible link to the song, but guess what, Kanye said SIKE!

He went the extra mile and showed us the true meaning of his hit single. Sometimes you have to be bold and blunt in your art so that there’s no reason that people should misinterpret the message.

But we live in America so that means things still get misinterpreted. Well I’m here to clear the air, as one of the few people who received what Kanye put down.

The 10 minute visual starts out with what seems like a visual of the game that Kanye previewed to us at the 2015 Grammy’s. The visual was shot in first person and as the angel descends from the clouds, There are news reals of many naked celebrities/public figures. The song goes silent, and that’s when it happened. Five-Seven minutes of nude celebrities sleeping in a long bed.

Celebrities such as;

Kanye himself,
Kim Kardashian,
Donald Trump,
Anna Wintour,
Chris Brown,
Bill Gates, and more…

Of course it wasn’t full nudity but only half, and this sparked fire with everyone who saw it. Some thought this was weird, crazy and un-artistic, while others like me, researched and dug deeper to find where his inspiration came from. And Jackpot, we found it!

The true meaning and inspiration behind the ‘Famous’ visual is; Fame only comes when you show skin. It’s the harsh reality of fame and what sacrifices some celebrities made to get to where they are now, Rihanna for example. Now ask yourself if the video really bothered you and why. Is it because of the nudity? We are all humans and most of us, adults. Nudity is natural, Its beautiful. Way back when, everyone was nude. Ponder on that while I reveal the Inspiration behind the visual.

Vincent Desiderio, Sleep, 2008 oil on canvas 52 x 252 inches

Vincent Desiderio, Sleep, 2008 oil on canvas 52 x 252 inches

Are you familiar with artist Vincent Desiderio? The two worked together on the visual. A painting of his “Sleep” was the backbone of the entire visual. In my opinion, it’s the best music visual of 2016 thus far.

What do you think?

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