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August Rigo: The Break-Up Songs


Newly releasing his EP entitled The Fall Out this Toronto, Canada native has worked with numerous artists as well as written a lot of music that were major hits as well. Born Dan August Rigo but known to his fans as August this singer/songwriter and producer has written for artists such as: Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Musiq Soulchid, Mindless Behavior and Iyanz. He was also the executive producer of Musiq Soulchild’s 2011 release of “Musiqinthemagiq” and Co-wrote a few songs on the album; “Anything”, “SayIDo”, “Silver&Gold” “Waitinqstill” and “BackToWhere”. He’s written Chris Brown “Back to Sleep” from his Royalty album. It’s evident that this man is extremely talented, who knew he had an amazing voice too? With 10 songs on the album: 1. Versions 2. Keep Me In Your Heart 3. Ambulance 4. Easy To Let Go 5. Honest 6.The Fall Out 7. I Wanna Be Loved 8. Just Drive 9. Why Won’t You Dance With 10. A Mother’s Vow. My favorite two songs are 4. Easy To Let Go – About a couple who broke up in which his lover just left him without warning. So he’s saying how could you give up on us so fast, and so easily. I thought we had something special. I didn’t know there was anything wrong with us. So everything you’ve told me was a lie? When he says ” Don’t tell me you love me, because if you did it wouldn’t of been so easy for you to let me, let us go. Now if and when I find another lover I wouldn’t be able to trust them. How is it so easy for you to let go? Why is it so easy for you to let go?” I completely understood how he felt. I, too am going through a horrible break up. I just don’t quite understand how you can just give up on someone who you claim to love. You make all these plans with this person, you say you love them and without warning they just up and leave you. Not giving you any signs that there’s any trouble in the relationship, and now if I find anyone else I’m not going to trust them because you made all these promises and you’ve broken them all. My other favorite would be number 6. The Fall Out – Another break-up song. It’s about a break up between a couple. He believes the woman is cheating. The woman tells him she’s not cheating. So August is like well if you’re not cheating if there isn’t anyone else then you’re falling out of love with me. All the signs are there, you come home late at night, you don’t face me when you come to bed. You don’t even tell me you love me anymore. When he wrote this album you can tell he was in his feelings about a recent or previous break-up, you can feel and hear the pain in his voice. I’ve been feeling the same pain for some weeks now. I loved the album. I would definitely add this to my summers playlists.

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