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Local Natives Set To Return With Sunlit Youth


After gaining attention, from the their 1st and 2nd albums, Gorilla Manor and Hummingbird, it seems the popular indie rock band Local Natives have seemed to take some time off. But after recently announcing their 3rd album Sunlit Youth, they’ve also released the track listing, and have announced their world tour to promote their next album. One of their newly released songs, “Past Lives” is a continuation of their Grizzly Bear-esque sound. Lines such as “I will wait for you, At the end love, Let your past lives through, Then you wake up” follow the usual Local Natives lyricism that’s known for concepts of life and love beyond our reality. The instrumentation and production is just as stellar as the wordplay. Angelic harmonies, electric guitar riffs and synthesizer like keys all come together and coalesce to form “Past Lives”, a song just as beautiful as the idea. Their next release “Villainy” follows in the tone and sound of “Past Lives”. Lyrics like “I know that I’ll make it through, I want to start again, My crime fits the punishment”, the story is one of atonement.


It seems like Local Natives may have taken some time off, but they hit the ground once again. Check out the 2 released singles, and stay tuned for the full release of the 3rd album, Sunlit Youth.

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