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MUSIC MONDAY: Where Is The Fun In Music?

Why are musicians against making a career out of their music? I asked myself.

Is it because they aren’t that passionate about it or is it the industry? Well of course it’s the industry. What honest musician wouldn’t want to make a living out of what makes them happy.

Its come to my attention that the music industry doesn’t make the production of music fun anymore. A recent interaction with a friend brought this to my attention. We started the conversation talking about what real music is and what defines a great singer then got into why he did not want to make music a career. It bothered me a little because he seemed so passionate about music.

I thought to myself “why is he lying to me.”

Then asked him why. Why?

That’s when he said it all without even knowing it.

The music industry is no fun, stressful actually. After the conversation, I though more on the topic.

I ended with one question that will essentially produce the answer no one is asking themselves.

What defines a great musician on the path to becoming a legend? Is it their voice? If so, should it be? Singing or vocal audio is not the body of music, its the compliment. There are a lot of great singers out there with breathtaking voices, some are just more powerful with their voices. Vocals are a distraction, who really cares who the best singer is? Talent is what should be cared for. Singing is a talent, but just a base talent. You have to build upon it or else you’ll be just like everyone else.

Music is the arrangement of a project as a whole, whether it be the song track itself, visuals, paintings, drawings, or anything that brings the sound to life. Music is meaningless unless it makes you feel alive and takes you on a journey.

With that being said, the industry is independent now. This means that you as an artist can go out and meet other artists, connect with them, maybe even become good friends. The collaboration process is never-ending especially with music. Writing and recording music is supposed to be a magical experience, especially when you are collaborating with people who get you and your style, or even if there are two different styles merging to create greatness. If you continue to rely on the monopoly to break into the industry its going to be a while or never. The power has shifted, now take advantage.

Making music can be fun again. As a kid I was always told to do what I loved and desired the most, why not work in the field you love and desire the most?

Its hard work but not impossible.

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