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The Khiry Irving You Didn’t Know About Making Waves In Hip-Hop


When you hear “Kyrie Irving” you automatically think about the star point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers who’s a force to be reckoned with – but there’s another one, Khiry Iriving who’s equally a force just in the world of hip-hop. Hailing from the south side of Chicago, the 25 year old rapper is giving hip-hop much of what it’s missing – substance, lyrics, passion and flow and he’s mastered all three effortlessly.

Interesting enough to note, Khiry grew up listening to rock music citing Linkin Park as one of his all-time biggest influences. His passion later evolved into that of a student of hip-hop when he began writing music in the sixth grade. He recalls having an endless amount of notebooks filled with rhymes that we can now attribute to his exceptional ability to perfectly flow over any style of music.  If you take a listen to his mixtape, you’ll hear his “Brooklyn flow” captured on beats ranging from soul to trap to raw 90’s hip-hop. Khiry has a voice that will instantaneously mesmerize you and at the same time leave you yearning to hear more and more of anything else he might have brewing in his head.

Only a select handful of rappers can take a beat, freestyle over it, or come up with a full body of work simply by just hearing the beat. That’s Khiry’s process, though. All it takes is a few listens for him to catch every sound in the production and turn it into a full song.

Khiry lets us know it’s cool to be you. You wouldn’t think such a dope lyricist, with gritty rhymes, rapping the truths about the harsh realities of inner city living would be influenced by a pop princess, but he is. Khiry cites Katy Perry as his ultimate favorite artist who has the strongest influence on his style now, he states that “he loves her music and what she does with it” and vows to do the same thing with his music.

Khiry Irving’s next project, Far Away will drop this year on July 9th along with the lead single, Here, which he will release with an in-studio video. He says that it’s going to be “pretty dope” and after listening to the skill broadcasted all throughout his mixtape, we believe him.

One day the world’s going to know about this up and coming rapper, just be sure to let them know I Am The Industry told you first.

Catch him on Instagram at @Khiryirving and check out his music below:


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