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Streaming Wars Mediator – AppleXTidal Merge?


Hear about Apple in talks to buy Tidal?

You as a consumer have a voice in this matter. This merge could work, and it also could go up in flames. With the right actions taken, they could make some serious moolah. This buy could be a good thing for both the buyers and Tidal itself, while also still benefiting artists and their fans, consumers, everyone. But, both Apple and Tidal would have to make a few sacrifices.

Lets talk about what services both Apple Music and Tidal offer to the consumer.

Apple music is known because of its apple backing. When we get an apple product we already know what we’re getting, a great UI and an efficient service. Apple Music also offers their radio play with artists as hosts, which is something that could change the face of radio with the right creativity. Last but not least Apple Music’s has the biggest selection of music and the best go-to playlists, in my opinion of course.

Now Tidal offers a High Fidelity Music streaming experience, which makes any song’s beat distinctive and keen to the ear. Tidal also features an editorial on all things music, which could change the face of music journalism in the industry with the right creativity. And of course, Tidal just became widely known for its exclusive content/services by artists, which means if and artist is pro tidal, a deal will be made and your content, services or sales will only be featured on Tidal. Apple of course followed suit with the exclusive trend, but we all know where it came from.

While both streaming services offer the same basic things, they have these features that just makes their brands stand out, these things are what make them different. Now if they were to merge, they would have to become one.  Why not combine all the things that make them different into one package. This would be kind of like what Tidal already does, If you just want to stream music you’ll pay a premium fee, and if you want the extra features you’ll pay the Hi-Fi fee; Boom. But that’s only if the company’s are in sharing moods.

How could this be a disaster?

Well we as consumers love both apps, myself being pro Tidal would be devastated if the purchase was made and the whole aesthetic of the app changed, and vise versa. The two services are great products but if ill intentions get in the way, the consumer and the artists would suffer. Now who wants that? No one.


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