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You’ve heard of Young M.A, You’ve heard of Siya, You’ve even heard of Jimmi Montana, but have you heard of TheHiChild? Newly releasing her first EP entitled “#95album” on Spinrilla. With 50.5K followers on Instagram, 5,938 followers on twitter, 1,760 views, 238 streams, and 139 downloads on spinrilla. This Georgia native is coming up in the rap game. She’s already released two mixtapes FWMWOTF 1 & 2. Being inspired by her fans TheHiChild grew up listening to gospel. When asked “How Do You Feel About The Industry Now?” she replied ” I feel it’s one sided. Basically, back then; there were many different diverse artists, it was equal. You heard music from women just as much as you heard music from male artists. But I look at the industry from back then as a good ole big house party. Now, it’s more of a modern day kickback with a whole bunch of dudes sitting around doing nothing. Not uplifting the women, or even themselves. Back then, people had a message even if they came from nothing. Now the industry is based off of what’s trendy instead of what’s real.” With 13 tracks on the album [Mama’s Awesome Sauce Feat. TR, 50 Shades, You Don’t Know Me, Manage Damage, New Bae, Get Rich Slow Feat. RedKnight, Don’t Trap, 20 Sum, Entrepreneur Feat. ChoCho, Mini Coop (Clean), Mini Coop (Dirty), Good Life, #PrayForOrlando.] My two favorites would have to be #PrayForOrlando and 50 Shades. I also got the chance to ask her what motivates her she answered “What motivates me is being able to be a voice to and for people going through the same thing as me but not even just me because sometimes I make music based off of other people feelings. Being able to see another day that the lord has made, being a influence on the young people and to know they have somebody to look up to that does look down on them. Look out for this Georgia peach because she’s rising to the top, not only with great music to give her audience but with a great personality to go with it.

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