Whitney Tai is not your average indie artist on the come up. The young songstress/producer works tirelessly building her brand as an artist while pushing herself creatively. Her latest single “Forever” is fully loaded with hard rhythmic guitar chords, but yet the melody is sweet as a glass of lemonade in July. The rock style composition of Tai’s latest single is a drastic shift from the sound of her last EP Metamorphosis, and serves as a presentation of her versatility. recently reached out to Tai to talk about music and upcoming endeavors. Support indie music and follow her on Instagram @whitneytai; Facebook,; and Soundcloud, For those not familiar with you as an artist, describe Whitney Tai. Who is she?

Whitney Tai: Whitney Tai is sassy ball of fun always looking to make people smile and keep creativity a part of her daily life. She enjoys long walks on the beach and caviar dreams. She constantly looks for ways to push the people around towards greatness. She believes in the power of community and art. Music just happens to be her medium and singing is just about everything she lives for.

IATI: There’s a very noticeable difference between the sound on “Forever,” your latest single, and your last EP Metamorphosis. Explain the transition, and the inspiration for the latest single.

Whitney Tai: Any songwriter can testify to the mantra “Living through the music.” The difference in sound may not be so much of a transition (or at least that I am aware of)  but just a natural embrace of the events, people, and experiences happening real time. I am very inspired by life and I choose to convey emotions as I grow through my musicianship.

IATI: What’s your creative process? How do you begin to write?

Whitney Tai: I LOVE to freestyle. Since I was a kid it gave me such a high to come up with plays on words and poems on the spot. Some of my personal favorites that I have written were sang without intention or preface, just pure presence in the moment. I am a firm believer in letting the music write itself through you. Your body is purely just a channel for it to get out there.

IATI: What artists inspire you?

Whitney Tai: I have always been inspired by Michael Jackson, Billie Holiday, Wanda Jackson, and Johnny Cash. They are iconic artists who create art in such a deeply fluid fashion. It’s inspiring to watch them just be themselves, do what they love and move people with their style, presence and performance.

IATI: If anyone were to go through your playlists, what artists would they come across?

Whitney Tai: My library is an interesting place… you may find yourself lost in the dreamy tones of the Beach Boys or the straight edgy 90’s rock of The Cranberries. I love music that speaks to the everyday human being, the parts of us overshadowed by the stresses of a modern world. “Losing yourself” in a moment is the most awe-inspiring and transcendent power music can have over you. Just ask Eminem :p

IATI: There’s a lot of concern these days with regards to the current state of the music industry. What are you thoughts? Why do you think it’s difficult for artists to make a name mainstream?

Whitney Tai: Being an independent artist, the difficulties presented before us are merely illusions. Believing in yourself is key. There is no big secret other than learning how to package your talent in a way that gives value. We live in a time where artists must develop their identity without the support of a corporate arm. If anything, I think this is wonderful. We have all the same tools that were not fully accessible to us in the past. We are able to study the industry and its inner workings to see what brings success. At the beginning of the day we are artists but at the end of the day, we owe it to ourselves to play the businessman too. Whether you’re selling pens at a flea market or music to crowd of 100,000, your product is a part of you. It’s up to the artist or the flea market vendor to make their fans or loyal buyers come back for more. You are representing your art, so give it a shiny glittery box to celebrate its craftsmanship.

IATI: Can fans expect an official debut from you soon? What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

Whitney Tai: All I can say of 2016 is hold onto your seats… the Piñata is going to bust. (alottaaaa candy)


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