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Cash Cash’s Music Makes Us Feel Like Millionaires


Electronic group Cash Cash’s song “Millionaire” infuses the perfect mix of a hip hop theme with a nontraditional chorus line and beat and the result is magic.

“MONEY!” Pun very much intended, but there is no other way to describe how I felt when I stumbled upon Cash Cash. I am in love with the group, itself, but “Millionaire,” in particular stood out to me because my ex-husband, Nelly, had a feature on it.

The tropical, electric vibe that persists through the song pervades your ears first, then the chorus that resembles the same kind of randomness we felt (but were OK with) when we heard the kids singing “Lemon pepper wings and a freeze cup,” in Gucci Mane’s track. The fact that the voices are so sweet is even more hilarious when Nelly starts to rap about why he feels like a millionaire (I’ll just let you figure that out for yourself).

The backing track gives off a dance-y vibe, appropriate to the chorus’s repetitive assertion that “I feel like a millionaire/whenever she comes around.” Imagine the person you enjoy spending time with the most – the one who you’re almost honored feels like you’re cool enough to hang out with – that’s the vibe of the song. That feeling that you’re just so stoked to sit with someone in silence. The sing-song voices make you want to just groove back and forth. It’s not the choreographed dance kind of song; it’s the wear a party hat and walk to the punch bowl song.

Nelly’s verses and ad libs provide the catchiness that the song needs, and the grown-up lyrics that make you feel not so childish for loving the song as much as you most certainly will.

To be clear, the most disappointing part of the song is that it ends. But it won’t in end in your head. It’s 100 percent the song that you will catch yourself singing at your desk, or milling about the house.

“Millionaire” is a valuable find, and just a gateway drug to the rest of Cash Cash’s music. Check out their SoundCloud here.


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Hope Carter
Hailing from "Screwston," Texas, Hope has been immersed in music since birth, first being exposed to Motown by her parents, then discovering her love for all genres as she trained as a dancer. Her unique set of life experiences growing up in Houston's Historic Third Ward as a lower middle class child, attending schools in more affluent neighborhoods, all the while attending an international church in which she was very involved, created her open-minded approach to music and art. Hope is very socially conscious, and prefers to take songs as a whole - both lyrically and sonically - before making her final judgment on their quality. As a dancer, she is inclined to be interested to anything she can move to, but her Dirty South roots give her room to appreciate a more laidback, chill (screwed) vibe. Her taste in music continues to change as she discovers new artists and as genres evolve.