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Thirsty Thursday: Tired of Drinking Lemonade? Try Some COOLAID


Our thirst for new music has grown tremendously and now it seems as though we can never get hydrated enough to be set. New music is rapidly releasing, new artist are emerging and all seems well.

Well, OG Hip Hop artist and Entrepreneur Snoop Dogg or “Snoop Lion” thinks otherwise. Are these new recipes not goo enough? Snoop says lets take it back, anything old can be made new again. Its called adapting and he adapted well.

Snoop just released his fourteenth studio recorded album COOLAID. In this album snoop incorporates Hip Hop and R&B Trance beats with the same flare he’s always had proving that Hip Hop is not dead, it just need a little sugar and honesty that’s all.

Stream his new Studio LP “COOLAID’ to discover what the story is he’s telling.



Frank ocean is doing it to us again, teasing us non-stop, but at least we know the album is almost done now that he’s back on the scene. Low-key, but back for sure.

Check out him in the new Calvin Klein Campaign Below.

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