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Alchemical Opposites: TOP 10 Artists We’re Waiting To See Collaborate…But Probably Won’t


Has anyone noticed how many of the older flames of music releasing new music like its candy?

Whats been going on and why have we had to wait so long? The Music Selection has been bland to say the least. All we’ve been getting are reincarnations of the same cliché and stereotypical personalities.

Something has to change!

This Exclusive list was inspired by Neo-Soul Artist MAXWELL’s new LP ‘blackSUMMERS’night.’ The body of this LP is ‘Relaxed Love’ with a background that forces you to move your body at certain times. Alchemical opposites creating a balance.

Listening to this masterpiece reminded me that everything old can be made new again, and everything aging can feel young again. When you feel young, you are merely adapting to change, a new generation rises and we want to collaborate and immortalize by merging new and old creative energies.

Check out an interview with Maxwell on the Tavis Smiley Radio Show Below

With That Being Said I present to you,

Alchemical Opposites: TOP 10

Maxwell & Roy Woods

  • These two have similar voices but completely different sounds. Maxwell being soft and gentle, and seducing. Roy, the youngest face of OVO, is more aggressive giving us prince reincarnation feels.

Travi$ Scott & ZAYN

  • These two have completely different sounds. Travi$ is the poster boy for the rebels of the industry with his auto tuned poetry. ZAYN on the other hand is dipping his feet i R&B and is doing an astounding job at it. These two would create the strongest R&B track of the year with the right creativity.

Snoop Dogg & Drake

  • Snoop Dogg and Drake are actually more similar than the two would care to admit. They are both old school with their aesthetics and sounds. With Drake’s more sensitive sound and Snoop’s pretty boy gangster sound this could be something big.

Tinashe & SZA

  • These two have similar sounds but different accents draw the line between the two. With Tinashe’s soft falsetto and SZA’s accented lullabies, they could take us on a trip to the stars and back.

Kanye West & Majid Jordan

  • These two are completely different. With Kanye’s Rebellious ego and Majid’s accented sound, they could make the meanest, yet seductive love song.

 The Weeknd & Keke Palmer

  • These two have different sounds but very similar styles. The Weeknd is more aggressive with his sexy vibrations and Keke is more out the box with hers, both reminding me of a piece of Michael Jackson that’s still alive. Their music would be crazy beautiful.

Willow Smith & Zendaya

  • These two are completely different in sound and style. These two do have one thing in common and that’s their ability to adapt an become versatile in anything. With Willow’s unique voice and Zendaya’s unique versatility. A wonderful box of mystery would come from these two.

Future & Kendrick Lamar

  • These two dominate the same industry, but have completely different ways of doing it. Future dominates the party, drug scene, while Kendrick’s dominates the educated spitting wisdom with every lyric. Let them combine their forces and we’d have the realist party banger of the year.

Chloe&Halle & Rihanna

  • This is a specific dream of mine. These tree ladies have similar aesthetics but slightly different sounds. With Rihanna’s Barbadian twist on things and The DUO sista’s old school runs and do-wops this could be a very interesting collaboration.

Beyonce & Erykah Badu

  • It’s very upsetting to think that these two have never collaborated. This collaboration could be really big. These two are both seasoned in the game and both with their own unique sounds. With Beyoncé’s dominating powerhouse vocals and Erykah’s Afro-centric sounds. This could be the body of wisdom in one song, and maybe Beyoncé would get to meet Tyrone.

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