Basement Thumping, Crowd Surfing, Punk Rock Nostalgists, Not Amused Discuss Debut Album, Inspirations, and More.


Basement thumping, crowd surfing, punk rock nostalgists, and newcomers, Not Amused are preparing to release their debut in a few months, titled 9 to 5. The sampler to the album is on Bandcamp pick it up here The post punk band is keeping the genre alive with their sound, and Iamtheindustry recently had the chance to touch base with the group on that very subject in addition to the band’s inspirations, and much more. Keep up with the latest announcements regarding the band’s debut release on Instagram, @notamusedband. Don’t be the last to get hip to some new music. The band Not Amused, how did it come together? How long have you guys been making music? 


Not Amused: The band came together in October of 2015, me and Steph met cause I saw he was wearing a drum key necklace, I stopped to ask if he played drums and see if he wanted to start a band. Our original bassist Denise, had asked me months before if I was interested in starting a band and it all kind of came together pretty quickly  we were originally called “Front Teeth” but after the small change in our line up we changed the name to “Not Amused.”  Now for the past 10 months or so we’ve been non stop making music together.


IATI: On your Bandcamp you all mention how your influences range from Green Day to Primus. Why the emphasis on this era? You guys mentioned that you dream of a time when baggy shorts, and Blink 182 were popular, so do you feel there’s something missing or something’s wrong with the music industry today?


Not Amused: We have a pretty big range on what influences us, but most of it is late 80s-90s alternative music, this can range anywhere from Minor threat to blink 182. We found ourselves emphasized on this era of music because of how it sounds, there’s a youthful feeling to nostalgic music; We feel that’s there are a lot of great bands out there, but the whole “diy” punk scene is slowly fading, it seemed so much easier to find a dive to play in at 18 then, compared to today.


IATI: Gabriel, you’re the writer for the band. What’s your creative process? Can you explain in detail how you begin to compose?


Not Amused: To be honest,  there really isn’t a process, When ever I feel something I just write the song as a poem and add the chords after. I started writing music after I was introduced to Bob Dylan in the 8th grade. I was inspired by someone who’s powerful words could make a weak voice sound strong; and it’s not only me that writes, Steph and our new bassist Evan write music that’ll most likely be in our next recording. Steph writes some awesome songs and I used to be in a band with Evan called “Your Dads Minivan” we’re he wrote some really nice songs too.


IATI: How did Nine To Five come about? What’s the concept behind this project?


Not Amused: Nine to Five came together during a period when we had a bassist named Andrew who had recently joined and was still learning the parts, so me and Steph decided we should record what we have just us two. We ended up going to a really sketchy recording studio in Long Island city, we got into a fight with the producer because he was killing time to make more money by the hour. He got all riled up cause we asked for our money back; and with that money we bought a single compressed mic to record an album on our own. The name comes from not wanting to grow up yet and have to work a nine to five job everyday in other words, not facing reality.


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