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Life Stories From The Artist: Midwest Matt


Dive deep into the world of a rapper from the inner city.

I Am The Industry: What made you start creating music?

Midwest Matt: Growing up behind my uncle (Cam Julkes) with him being a producer it was almost destined for me. Always around in sessions with him while he had music going with his younger music groups.

IATI: What do you think of rappers nowadays? For example, Desiigner who seems more like a singer?

Midwest Matt: It has changed most definitely but it’s all music so although I may not like some more than others I try my best to find something dope about the music. The only thing I don’t like about Desiigner at this point is that he sounds like Future. I’ve actually listened to his lyrics and they aren’t bad. I just think people drown him out because of him sounding like Future. But then goes back to what I just previously said, I try to find the dopest thing about that track first then work from there because the Panda beat is CRAZY.

IATI: So in that case do you think he has the ability to be up there with somebody like Tupac or Biggie?

Midwest Matt: I don’t see that in him not downing him I just don’t see that in him. Maybe just maybe very slight chance that he proves me wrong but I highly doubt it. Music has tiers. You have the GREATS – that never disappoint. 75%ers – they come with  great music most of the time but when anticipated sometimes disappoint. ARTISTS w/ FOREVER SONGS – artists that make a song that can be played in any era and still have an affect on people. 1 HIT WONDERS – self explanatory.

IATI: OK right. Has there been a time when you wanted to give up?

Midwest Matt: Yes there have but it never was due to music it was always something personal that affected me so bad that I couldn’t even transform the feelings to music but when I was finally able to say wow to the music I made.

IATI: What was that that affected you the most?

Midwest Matt: I lost my best friend (Tre Buggs) to gunfire. Wrong place wrong time. It actually happened when we were first forming our #3M group which had me so torn because it was like this was our dream & for him to not even to really see it even get started hurts me till this day but I know he is proud and has been guiding me this whole time. For people that already follow my music are well aware of him. I make sure nobody forgets him.

IATI: What criticism do you think he’d give of your music now if you thought about it hard enough?

Midwest Matt: I don’t think it would be criticism that he’ll give me. I think it would have been more advice. But I think the most thing he would say that would impact me heavy if I actually heard him say it ” Stay focused and if it’s what you like them put it out. Don’t change for them make them change for you.”

IATI: Wait. I was going to end the interview but there’s so much depth here. So do you believe black on black crime is an actual thing?

Midwest Matt: All crime is actual. It’s sad that people try to justify killing. Killing is horrible period unless you are in a life or death situation. A lot of these situations going on in the world such as police brutality can be prevented. I feel most things can be prevented but it has to work both ways. Can’t have one person ready to kill and one ready to prevent. We need to educate ourselves as people in all races about each other. That’s the only way people will understand how each other really feel. And I’m not talking about that watered down shit they put in the school books I’m talking library action, internet action, muesems etc.

IATI: Have you ever walked up to a white person and tried to get to know them or start a conversation with them?

Midwest Matt: Yes. I love white people. I played college basketball in Nebraska for 2 years. It was never about and never will be about the race of a person. To me it’s about the PERSON in a person if that makes sense

IATI: Do you think white people love black people?

Midwest Matt: Certain do certain don’t. I can only relate to what I’ve encountered with them. But that can just be my personality. That’s as honest as I can be. The majority of whites that you see on TV don’t love or like blacks but the whites that I’ve came across and see daily are very respectful towards black people and hang with them more often. And they vary from professional white people to check to check white people. The TV and media capture or showcase only certain things that they know will get the most negative reaction. There was just a black lives matter parade and there were a nice amount of white people marching as well.

IATI: From your perspective, what’s the biggest problem between white and black people? 

Midwest Matt: Opportunity… if opportunities was as equal as our rights say they should be then a lot of this would be put to rest. If a person tries to do things the right way but keeps getting denied over and over just simply because of their skin color, school they went to, neighborhood their from etc. They are somewhat forced to go out and do things illegally to provide for themselves and their families. The smartest people I’ve met haven’t graduated from college, some not even high school. Jay-z & biggie didn’t finish high school. I believe everyone has a specialty in something and they are born with it that a class or teacher can’t teach.

IATI: What’s the worst time you’ve felt discriminated against or had a racist experience?

Midwest Matt: I was shooting a video for an old song and I had a scene in an all white cutlass and a white officer pulled us over with his gun drawn told me if I moved my hands off the steering wheel that he’ll shoot but luckily the video was being shot in my city and when he called for back up an officer that knew me arrived. The original officer basically pulled us over because we were 3 people deep in a 2 door cutlass with rims and thought we were apart of some trafficking scheme. We were let go after he trashed the car looking for any evidence to arrest us all.

IATI: Wow!! Very compelling story. Keep up on your journey! 

Midwest Matt: No problem thank you again. Can’t wait to read and share.

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