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Life Stories From The Artist: Indigo & The Sirens


From experiencing the divorce of his parents at a young age to not having support on his journey as a musician, Indigo & The Sirens shows us how to persevere despite life’s challenges.

I Am The Industry: How did you get into music?

Indigo & The Sirens: I started writing songs when I was 15, I was born in a small town in Southern Italy so I’ve always needed a way to escape that reality and turn my experiences into music and collect them that way. I started as a songwriter and co producer.  Few years later I created Indigo & the Sirens, a sort of free version of myself.

IATI: Why did you need to escape that reality?

Indigo & The Sirens: My family is composed by my mother, my gramma and my sister. My parents divorced when I was a child and, you know, that kind of thing damages the idea of trust and love you naturally have as a child. No one’s ever supported my inclinations, especially my mother. Plus there’s so much ignorance around you when you live in an old small Southern town here in Italy.

IATI: Nobody would ever even think that.

Indigo & The Sirens: Probably.

IATI: The perception from US of Italians is such a well cultured group of people.

Indigo & The Sirens: Well, there’s vatican and “traditions”

IATI: What does that mean?

Indigo & The Sirens: It is, but we’re Talking about a very small Southern town. Italy’s very older than America. It’s easier to change a young country. It ain’t that easy when it comes to an old country. That’s even stranger.

IATI: What did your mother say when you told her about pursuing music?

Indigo & The Sirens: I found Sophy Rose (the artist I work with) and my producer when I was 17/18, they live in Northern Italy so I had to travel a lot to pursuit my personal American dream. My mother only knows about my music now that I’m 20. I told lies, I traveled with only 100 euros in pocket and I finally found people who believed in me.


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