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Here’s Some Sweet Vibes To Go with Your Sweet Tea While You Take a Break From The Summer Heat, Moruf Returns With A New Single Produced By Brain Orchestra


“…no reason why out to stop him, I know these n—– be floppin’, your shorty lerkin’ she watchin’, I prolly move to the tropics, my skin is blacker than Gotham, my momma told me she toxic, I try to tell her I’ll stop it, I’m understanding her logic, I’m moving like I’m a prophet.”  


New Jersey native Moruf comes out swinging on the opening lines to his a new single “Sweetvibes2,” a Brain Orchestra production. The single serves as an appetizer to the release of his new EP Loosies, scheduled for release on July 17th. The stringy laid-back composition celebrates the season at hand with a poetic hook by the L.OE. Chief reminding listeners that the beauty of summer only happens because “flowers only blossom in the spring time.” Get the latest on upcoming performances, and announcements by following Moruf on Instagram @moruf88. Also repost, like, and share “Sweetvibes2” on Soundcloud,

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